Centurion II Snapshots Page

Centurion Wave II (Sponsored by ONR)

The black boxes

2 of the 3 new cabinets (42 processors pictured)

The 3 black cabinets contain 64 Alpha processors, doubling the size of Centurion. These cabinets contain as much compute power as the original system pictured above. Neatness counts (but it's not as much fun)! We await delivery of the Second Wave, Phase II: 64 dual-processor Pentium-based machines, also rack mounted (our machine room is only so big).

The delivery truck

The new UPSs

Norm and an MCW/Atlantec guy getting organized

The front-ends, plus Centurion I in its new space-saving configuration

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This work partially supported by DOE grant DE-FG02-96ER25290, Logicon (for the DoD HPCMOD/PET program) DAHC 94-96-C-0008, DOE D459000-16-3C, DARPA (GA) SC H607305A, NSF-NGS EIA-9974968, NSF-NPACI ASC-96-10920, and a grant from NASA-IPG.