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legion_show_multi FAQ

Please note that this tool is currently available to npacinet users only, since it was not included in the 1.8 binaries distributed from the Legion web site.

1. What does this command do?[go]
2. What information does the display show?[go]
3. How often is the information updated? Can I change the intervals?[go]
4. What if I don't want to see so much information?[go]
5. What happens after legion_run_multi has finished?[go]
6. Some hints to make life easier[go]

What does this command do?

This command starts a display window showing the progress of jobs started with legion_run_multi. The command is fully documented here.
What information does the display show?
The display shows information about the jobs and hosts used by legion_run_multi. Click here to see the entire display. The individual parts are explained below.

How often is the information updated? Can I change the intervals?
The display window is updated when one of the time or map files is updated. Note that these files are asynchronously updated, so the display may not be exactly up-to-date.

You can't, currently, change when the files or the display is updated.

What if I don't want to see so much information?
The display window will only display information from the files that you tell about it. If you do not pass the name of the host map file, the display window won't show information about the hosts.
What happens after legion_run_multi has finished?
Once all of the runs are finished, the display window will no longer update. Whereas the legion_run_multi -display flag will clean up automatically-created time and map files, legion_show_multi will not.
Some hints to make life easier
  • When you start legion_run_multi, be sure to create time and map files with the -t, -hm, and -jm flags. Otherwise you won't be able to tell legion_show_multi the path names for the files and your display window will be empty.

  • If you created specification and exception files when you ran legion_run_multi, you must tell legion_show_multi to look for them (with the -f and -x flags). Otherwise, the information in the display window will be incomplete and incorrect.

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