1.0 About Legion

Developed at the University of Virginia, Legion is an integrated software system for distributed parallel computation. While fully supporting existing codes written in MPI and PVM, Legion provides features and services that allow users to take advantage of much larger, more complex resource pools. With Legion, for example, a user can easily run a computation on a supercomputer at a national center while dynamically visualizing the results on a local machine or schedule and run a large parameter space study on several workstation farms simultaneously. Legion permits computational scientists to use cycles wherever they are, allowing bigger jobs to run in shorter times through higher degrees of parallelization.

Key capabilities include the following:

These features also make Legion attractive to administrators looking for ways to increase and simplify the use of shared high-performance machines. The Legion implementation emphasizes extensibility, and multiple policies for resource use can be embedded in a single Legion system that spans multiple resources or even administrative domains.

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