add new objects on other hosts [go]
architectures available in Legion [go]
AuthenticationObject [go]


BFS [go]
bootstrap host [go]
bootstrap host and vault [go]
bootstrap vault [go]
BootstrapHost [go]
BootstrapVault [go]


cat a Legion file object [go]
changing object permissions [go]
checking your log in status [go]
alphabetical list [go]
documentation [go]
legion_activate_instances [go]
legion_activate_object [go]
legion_add_acl [go]
legion_add_class_mapping [go]
legion_add_host_account [go]
legion_add_implicit_params [go]
legion_bfs [go]
legion_cat [go], [go], [go]
legion_cd [go]
legion_change_owner [go]
legion_change_permissions [go], [go]
legion_check_system [go]
legion_class_host_list [go]
legion_class_vault_list [go]
legion_classof [go]
legion_combine_domains [go]
legion_config_scheduler [go]
legion_context_add [go], [go]
legion_context_create [go], [go]
legion_context_list [go]
legion_context_lookup [go]
legion_cp [go], [go]
legion_create_class [go]
legion_create_implementation [go]
legion_create_object [go], [go], [go]
legion_create_object_r [go]
legion_create_stat_tree [go]
legion_create_user [go]
legion_create_user_object [go]
legion_deactivate_instances [go]
legion_deactivate_object [go]
legion_destroy_host [go]
legion_destroy_instances [go]
legion_destroy_object [go]
legion_destroy_vault [go]
legion_direct_output [go]
legion_export_dir [go]
legion_exports_interface [go]
legion_generate_domain_cookie [go]
legion_generate_idl [go]
legion_get_acl [go]
legion_get_host [go], [go], [go]
legion_get_implicit_params [go]
legion_get_interface [go]
legion_get_vault [go], [go]
legion_host_stats [go], [go]
legion_host_vault_list [go]
legion_import_tree [go], [go]
legion_init_arch [go]
legion_init_security [go]
legion_initialize [go]
legion_instance_host_list [go]
legion_instance_vault_list [go]
legion_java [go]
legion_join_collection [go]
legion_leave_collection [go]
legion_link [go]
legion_list_attributes [go]
legion_list_domains [go]
legion_list_host_accounts [go]
legion_list_implementations [go]
legion_list_instances [go]
legion_list_invocations [go]
legion_list_names [go], [go]
legion_list_objects [go]
legion_list_oprs [go]
legion_ln [go], [go], [go]
legion_login [go], [go]
legion_logout [go], [go]
legion_ls [go], [go], [go]
legion_make [go]
legion_make_idl [go]
legion_make_multi [go]
legion_make_setup_script [go]
legion_mkdir [go]
legion_mpi_debug [go], [go]
legion_mpi_register [go], [go], [go]
legion_mpi_run [go], [go]
legion_mplc [go]
legion_mplc_reg_impl [go]
legion_mv [go], [go]
legion_native_mpi_config_host [go]
legion_native_mpi_init [go]
legion_native_mpi_register [go], [go], [go]
legion_native_mpi_run [go], [go]
legion_object_info [go]
legion_output_state [go]
legion_passwd [go], [go]
legion_ping [go]
legion_print_config [go]
legion_print_domain_cookies [go]
legion_pvm_register [go], [go], [go]
legion_pwd [go], [go]
legion_query_collection [go]
legion_record [go]
legion_register_program [go], [go]
legion_register_runnable [go], [go]
legion_remove_host_account [go]
legion_replay [go]
legion_rm [go], [go]
legion_run [go], [go]
legion_run_multi [go], [go]
legion_set_acl [go]
legion_set_context [go], [go] [go]
legion_set_default_placement [go]
legion_set_host [go]
legion_set_implicit_params [go]
legion_set_scheduler [go]
legion_set_scheduler_policy [go]
legion_set_tty [go]
legion_set_varch [go]
legion_set_vault [go]
legion_set_vrun [go]
legion_setup_state [go]
legion_shutdown [go]
legion_shutdown_class [go]
legion_starthost [go], [go]
legion_startup [go]
legion_startvault 92[go]
legion_stateless_add_workers [go]
legion_stateless_configure [go]
legion_stateless_remove_workers [go]
legion_tty [go]
legion_tty_off [go]
legion_tty_redirect [go]
legion_tty_unredirect [go]
legion_tty_watch [go]
legion_update_attributes [go]
legion_vault_host_list [go]
legion_version [go]
legion_wellknown_class [go]
legion_whereis [go]
legion_whoami [go], [go]
context names [go]
context space [go]
and object space [go]
assign context name to a LOID [go]
assigning alternate context names [go]
change the working context [go]
commands [go]
copy a Legion file object [go]
copy a local file to a Legion file object [go]
create a new context [go]
documentation [go]
import local Unix directory tree [go]
link a directory to context space [go]
list a context's contents [go]
listing an object's names [go]
look up an object's LOID [go]
look up current working context [go]
multiple context names [go]
naming objects [go]
new Legion system context space [go]
organization [go]
remove context name [go]
remove object [go]
renaming an object [go]
replace a context name [go]
same name in different contexts [go]
view a context's contents [go]
view a file object's contents [go]
copy a Legion file object [go]
copy a local file to a Legion file object [go]
copy a local Unix tree [go]
create objects on another host [go]
credentials file
creating [go]
removing [go]


environment set up [go]
executing remote programs [go]


Fortran support [go]


GUI [go]
cache vs. context space [go]
Context Folders [go]
in Unix [go]
in Windows95 [go]
Legion names [go]
main menu commands [go]
main window [go]
startup view window [go]
tree view [go]
view origin [go]
view windows [go]


host vs. host object [go]


import a local Unix tree [go]
instance placement on hosts and vaults [go]


Kerberos support [go]


about [go], [go]
documentation [go]
LegionClass [go]
linking a context name to an object [go]
linking a directory to context space [go]
log in status, checking [go]
logging in [go]
logging out [go]
LOID [go]
about [go]
and context names [go]
assign a context name to a LOID [go]
looking up an object's LOID [go]
RSA key [go]


makefile, sample [go]
metaclasses 13[go]
MPI [go]
Legion MPI [go]
accessing files [go]
checkpointing support [go]
compiling [go]
debugging support [go]
fault tolerance [go]
functions supported [go]
installing Legion MPI [go]
register compiled tasks [go]
running an MPI application [go]
running with fewest changes [go]
sample makefile [go]
sample programs (C and Fortran) [go]
scheduling processes [go]
SPMD-style applications [go]
subroutines for accessing files [go]
task classes [go]
link-in replacement library [go]
Native MPI [go]
compiling [go]
register compiled tasks [go]
running an MPI application [go]
sample programs (C only) [go]
scheduling processes [go]
task classes [go]
SPMD-style applications [go]
supported interface [go]


naming, list an object's context names [go]
new context names [go]
new context, create [go]


object permissions, changing [go]


password, changing [go]
placing instances [go]
PVM [go]
applications [go]
compiling [go]
installing PVM-Legion library [go]
legion_pvm_register [go]
Legion-PVM tasks [go]
library [go]
registering compiled tasks [go]
running with fewest changes [go]
sample makefile [go]
sample PVM programs [go]
task classes [go]
Tids and LOIDs [go]


remote program execution [go]
about [go]
converting C/C++ programs [go]
example [go]
executing compatible programs [go]
executing non-compatible programs [go]
legion_run [go]
running a serial program [go]
setting command-line arguments [go]
setting input and output Legion files [go]
setting input and output local files [go]
specifying program's platform [go]
removing context names [go]
removing objects [go]
renaming an object [go]
root context [go]
RSA public key [go]
running a Legion application [go]


setting up your environment [go]
sharing objects with other users [go]
string names [go]


tty objects [go], [go]
about [go]
using 73-75[go]


user id [go]
change password [go]
change user information [go]


vault vs. vault object [go]
view a Legion file object's contents [go]

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