Starting a remote program with legion_run_multi in Legion

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Depending on how your system is set up, you may need to set up your access to your system before you can run Legion commands. This will probably involve running a command such as this:
$ . ~legion/setup.sh
$ source ~legion/setup.csh
The exact syntax will depend on what kind of shell you are using and where your Legion files are installed (i.e., the value of ~legion will depend on your individual Legion net). Consult your system administrator for more information.

The following style conventions are used in these tutorials:

About this command legion_run_multi FAQ
Starting a remote program in Legion
The legion_run_multi command starts multiple instances of a program on one or more Legion hosts. It is essentially a script that starts multiple copies of a command on a set of hosts. By default it starts multiple copies of legion_run, and that is its expected purpose, but you can start copies of other Legion commands with with the -e flag.

There is a detailed FAQ about this command, as well as documentation on-line and in the Reference Manual. Rather than repeating information provided elsewhere, this tutorial will go through the steps of starting a fictional program.

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