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accept_member_functions() R84
about S19
changing S32
changing object permissions S30
active messages programming model D118
active state D137
add new objects on other hosts B29
add_constant_parameter() D102
add_invocation_parameter() D102
add_result_dependency() D104
add-in objects D36
adding users to a system S31
about the admin user S18
creating admin user S18
ownership of existing objects S18
privileges S18
append() D44
architectures available in Legion B57
attributes D136
AuthenticationObject B9
creating S31
password storage S28
recreating S35
user id S31


BasicFiles_append() D47
BasicFiles_close() D46
BasicFiles_creat() D45
BasicFiles_delete() D46
BasicFiles_done() D45
BasicFiles_exists() D45
BasicFiles_fclose() D48
BasicFiles_fflush() D48
BasicFiles_fgetc() D49
BasicFiles_fgets() D50
BasicFiles_fopen() D48
BasicFiles_fputc() D49
BasicFiles_fputs() D49
BasicFiles_fread() D50
BasicFiles_fseek() D48
BasicFiles_ftell() D49
BasicFiles_fwrite() D49
BasicFiles_init() D45
BasicFiles_open() D46
BasicFiles_read() D46
BasicFiles_seek() D47
BasicFiles_setbufsize() D48
BasicFiles_size() D47
BasicFiles_tell() D47
BasicFiles_trunc() D47
BasicFiles_truncAppend() D48
BasicFiles_write() D46
batch queue host objects S58
BFS B32, D23-D35
about Basic Fortran Support D23
client-side programming D27
compilation D30
compile an object D26
current limitations D34
IDL files D27
legion_bfs filter D24
method invocation D27
programming interface D24
server-side programming D25
stateless and stateful objects D25
syntax D35
binding S37, S68
binding agent interface D155
addBinding(Binding) D155
getBinding(LOID) D155
getClassBinding(LOID) D155
removeBinding(LOID) D155
binding process
binding agents D140
binding cache D140
binding mechanism D139
class-of mechanism D140
determining LOIDs D138
example D138
iImplementation cache D144
implementation object D143
object activation D141
rebinding mechanism D141
running objects D144
bindings D135
blockForEventAvailable() D114
bootstrap host B28, R82
bootstrap host and vault B28
bootstrap vault B28
buffered I/O library D48-D50
BasicFiles_fclose() D48
BasicFiles_fflush() D48
BasicFiles_fgetc() D49
BasicFiles_fgets() D50
BasicFiles_fopen() D48
BasicFiles_fputc() D49
BasicFiles_fputs() D49
BasicFiles_fread() D50
BasicFiles_fseek() D48
BasicFiles_ftell() D49
BasicFiles_fwrite() D49
BasicFiles_setbufsize() D48
fprintf() D50
buffered I/O library, Fortran interface D50-D53
liof_close() D51
liof_done() D50
liof_flush() D51
liof_init() D50
liof_open() D51
liof_read() D52
liof_read_doubles() D53
liof_read_ints() D52
liof_read_line() D52
liof_read_reals() D53
liof_rewind() D52
liof_write() D51
liof_write_doubles() D53
liof_write_ints() D52
liof_write_line() D51
liof_write_reals() D53
buffered I/O library, low impact interface D53
lio_legion_create_tempfile() D53
lio_legion_to_tempfile() D53
lio_tempfile_to_legion() D54


Castle and Legion D16
cat R21
cat a Legion file object B24
CError.h file R104, R165
changing object permissions B11
changing user passwords S32
checking your log in status B11
class interfaces D145
class-mandatory interface D147-D149
activateInstance() D147
addImplementation() D148
createInstance() D147
createMultipleInstances() D147
deactivateInstance() D148
deleteInstance() D148
getBinding() D148
removeImplementation() D148
class-mandatory member functions D145, D146, S36
ClassOf() D110
CLegionLib.h file R104
alphabetical list B69-B79
documentation B69, R6
legion set_acl S34
legion_activate_instances B80, R21
legion_activate_object B81, R12
legion_add_acl B87, R52
legion_add_class_mapping B82, R17
legion_add_host_account B84, R31, S54
legion_add_implicit_params B87, R52
legion_bfs B89, D23, D26, R59
legion_cat B24, B26, B82, R21
legion_cd B82, R21
legion_change_owner B88, R52
legion_change_permissions B11, B88, S30, S34
legion_check_system B87, R49
legion_class_host_list B85, R38
legion_class_vault_list B85, R39
legion_classof B87, R49
legion_combine_domains B82, S69, S71
legion_config_scheduler B85, R39, S72
legion_context_add B21, B82, R21
legion_context_create B20, B82, R22
legion_context_list B35
legion_cp B24, B82, R22
legion_create_class B84, R31
legion_create_implementation B82, R18, S40
legion_create_object B29, B57, B81, R12
legion_create_object_r B81, R13
legion_create_stat_tree B87, R50
legion_create_user B88, R54, S31
legion_create_user_object B88, R54, S31
legion_deactivate_instances B81, R23
legion_deactivate_object B81, R13
legion_destroy_host B84, R32
legion_destroy_instances B81, R23
legion_destroy_object B81, R14
legion_destroy_vault B84, R32
legion_direct_output B83, R24
legion_export_dir B83, R24
legion_exports_interface B80, R6
legion_generate_domain_cookie B82
legion_generate_idl B89, D38, D39, R59
legion_get_acl B88, R55
legion_get_host B30, B81, B83, R25
legion_get_implicit_params B88, R56, S34
legion_get_interface B80, R7
legion_get_vault B81, B83, R25
legion_host_stats B80, B87, R50
legion_host_vault_list B85, R40, S44
legion_import_tree B25, B83, R25
legion_init_arch B82, R19
legion_init_security B88, R56
legion_initialize B84, R32, S16
legion_instance_host_list B86, R41
legion_instance_vault_list B86, R41
legion_java B89
legion_join_collection B86, R42, S73
legion_leave_collection B86, R42
legion_link B90, R67
legion_list_attributes B80, R9
legion_list_domains B82, R20, S70
legion_list_host_accounts B84, R33, S56
legion_list_implementations B81, R14
legion_list_instances B81, R14
legion_list_invocations B80, R9
legion_list_names B22, B83, R25
legion_list_objects B87, R50
legion_list_oprs B86, R42
legion_ln B21, B23, B83, R26
legion_login B10, B88, R56, S28
legion_logout B11, B88, R57
legion_ls B18, B19, B22, B83, R26
legion_make R60
legion_make_idl B89, D40, R61
legion_make_multi B89, R61
legion_make_schedule B86, R43
legion_make_setup_script B84, R33, S22
legion_mkdir B83, R27
legion_mpi_debug B44, B90, R68
legion_mpi_register B37, B38, B90, R68
legion_mpi_run B38, B90, R68
legion_mplc B89, R62
legion_mplc_reg_impl B89, R62
legion_mv B22, B83, R27
legion_native_mpi_config_host B90, R73, S64
legion_native_mpi_init B90, R73, S64
legion_native_mpi_register B50, B51, B90, R73
legion_native_mpi_run B51, B90, R74, S64
legion_object_info B80, R10
legion_output_state B89, R63
legion_passwd B10, B88, R57
legion_ping B80, R8
legion_print_config B84, R33, S69
legion_print_domain_cookies B82
legion_pvm_register B35, B36, B90, R75
legion_pwd B20, B83, R27
legion_query_collection B86, R43, S73
legion_record B89, R63
legion_register_program B55, B91, R75
legion_register_runnable B56, B91, R76
legion_remove_host_account B84, R34, S55
legion_replay B89, R64
legion_rm B23, B83, R28
legion_run B56, B91, R77
legion_run_multi B57, B90, R79
legion_set_acl B88, R57
legion_set_context B20, B83, R28 B20
legion_set_default_placement B86, R45
legion_set_host B81, R15
legion_set_implicit_params B88, R57, S32, S34
legion_set_scheduler B86, R46, S73
legion_set_scheduler_policy B86, R46, S73
legion_set_tty B83, R28
legion_set_varch B86, R46
legion_set_vault B82, R15
legion_set_vrun B86, R47
legion_setup_state B84, R34, S14
legion_shutdown B85, R34, S23
legion_shutdown_class B85, R34
legion_starthost B58, B85, R35, S20, S46, S47
legion_startup B85, R36, R81, S15
legion_startvault B85, R36, S20, S48, S50
legion_stateless_add_workers B89, R65
legion_stateless_configure B90, R65
legion_stateless_remove_workers B90, R66
legion_tty B83, R29
legion_tty_off B83, R29
legion_tty_redirect B84, R29
legion_tty_unredirect B84, R30
legion_tty_watch B84, R30
legion_update_attributes B80, R10
legion_vault_host_list B87, R47, S44
legion_version B87, R50
legion_wellknown_class B87, R51
legion_whereis B87, R51
legion_whoami B11, B87, R51
computational tag D92
Constructors R95
context names B13
context object interface D157-D158
context space B17
and object space B17
assign context name to a LOID B21
assigning alternate context names B21
change the working context B20
commands B18-B26
copy a Legion file object B24
copy a local file to a Legion file object B24
create a new context B20
documentation B18, R6
import local Unix directory tree B25
link a directory to context space B26
list a context's contents B18
listing an object's names B22
look up an object's LOID B19
look up current working context B20
multiple context names B21
naming objects B16
new Legion system context space B13
organization B16
remove context name B23
remove object B23
renaming an object B22
replace a context name B22
same name in different contexts B23
view a context's contents B18
view a file object's contents B24
/home S31
/users S18
admin and user access S30
created in legion_init_security S19
read and write permissions S30
continuation list D94
copy a Legion file object B24
copy a local file to a Legion file object B24
copy a local Unix tree B25
compiling Legion stub files D40
generating Legion stub files D39
Legion-CORBA IDL compiler D38
using the Legion-CORBA IDL D39
CORBA and Legion D15
core object model S36
about D145
about core objects D146
binding agent D155
classes and metaclasses D147
context objects and context spaces D157
host object D149
implementation object and cache D153
vault object D151
core objects S36
binding agents S37
context objects S37
host objects S37
implementation objects S37
legion object S37
vault objects S37
cp R22
create objects on another host B29
CreateObject() D110
creating new users S31
credentials file
creating B10
removing B11


DCE and Legion D14
decryptionHandler() D118
destination LOID D92
domains S68
binding services S68
commands S70-S71
joining S69
naming S68
downloading S8
binary files S9
RSA requirements S9


enable_functions() R84
encryptionHandler() D118
environment set up B9
add new D116
event implementation classes D111
Event Manager D111
handlers D112
interfaces D113
exceptions D106-D108


file interface library D41-D80
buffered I/O library D48-D50
C and C++ interface D48
header file D41
I/O library D45-D48
LegionBuffer I/O interface D54
library functions D45
linkage D41
maintaining file pointers D41
makefile D41
public methods D44-D45
file library functions D41
flushEvents() D114
Fortran interface D50
Fortran support B32, D23
fprintf() D50
function identifier D92


get_char() D86
get_short() D86
getInterface() R7
Globe and Legion D16
Globus and Legion D15
grid library
AddAttribute() R131
AddAttributes() R131
GetInterface() R138
RemoveAttribute() R134
RemoveAttributes() R135
RemoveAttributeSig() R134
RemoveAttributeSigs() R135
ReplaceAttribute() R132
ReplaceAttributes() R133
ReplaceAttributeSig() R132
ReplaceAttributeSigs() R133
RetrieveAllAttributes() R137
RetrieveAttribute() R135
RetrieveAttributes() R136
RetrieveAttributeSig() R136
RetrieveAttributeSigs() R137
C++ type manipulation
CreateInstancePlacementInfo() R141
CreateLegionHostReservation() R140
CreateLegionVaultReservation() R140
CreateReservation() R140
DestroyHostObjectStatus() R139
DestroyHostReservation() R139
DestroyHostReservationRecord() R139
DestroyInstancePlacementInfo() R140
DestroyLegionBinding() R139
DestroyLegionCollectionData R140
DestroyLegionOPRAddress() R139
DestroyReservation() R139
DestroyUVaL_InstanceRecord() R140
DestroyVaultReservation() R139
DestroyVaultReservationRecord() R139
HostObjectStatus_GetActivationID() R141
HostObjectStatus_GetBinding() R141
HostObjectStatus_GetErrorCode() R141
HostObjectStatus_GetLoid() R141
HostObjectStatus_GetOwner() R141
HostObjectStatus_GetStatus() R141
HostReservationRecord_GetObjLoid() R140
HostReservationRecord_GetStatus() R140
InstancePlacementInfo_GetArch() R141
InstancePlacementInfo_GetHost() R141
InstancePlacementInfo_GetImpl() R141
InstancePlacementInfo_GetInstance() R140
InstancePlacementInfo_GetRSVN() R141
InstancePlacementInfo_GetVault() R141
LegionCollectionData_GetLastUpdateTime R142
LegionCollectionData_GetLOID R142
LegionCollectionData_GetResourceDesc R142
LegionReservation_GetHostReservation() R140
LegionReservation_GetVaultReservation() R140
Show_CInstancePlacementInfo() R139
Show_CLegionBinding() R139
Show_CLegionCollectionData R139
Show_CLegionHostObjectStatus() R139
Show_CLegionHostReservation() R138
Show_CLegionHostReservationRecord() R138
Show_CLegionOPRAddress() R139
Show_CLegionReservation() R139
Show_CLegionVaultReservation() R138
Show_CLegionVaultReservationRecord() R139
Show_CUVaL_InstanceRecord() R139
UVaL_InstanceRecord_GetActivationId() R141
UVaL_InstanceRecord_GetCommandLineObj() R141
UVaL_InstanceRecord_GetHost() R141
UVaL_InstanceRecord_GetHostTries() R142
UVaL_InstanceRecord_GetLastTransitionTime() R141
UVaL_InstanceRecord_GetLoid() R141
UVaL_InstanceRecord_GetOwner() R141
UVaL_InstanceRecord_GetStartTestTime() R142
UVaL_InstanceRecord_GetStatus() R141
UVaL_InstanceRecord_GetTesting() R142
UVaL_InstanceRecord_GetTransferringOpr() R142
UVaL_InstanceRecord_GetTransferringToVault() R142
UVaL_InstanceRecord_GetVault() R141
UVaL_InstanceRecord_GetXferTime() R142
VaultReservationRecord_GetObjLoid() R140
VaultReservationRecord_GetStatus() R140
CError.h file R104
class objects
ActivateInstance() R152
AddImplementation() R151
DeactivateInstance() R153
DeleteInstance() R152
ForcedDeactivateInstance() R153
GetInstanceList() R153
CLegionLib.h file R104
JoinCollection() R161
JoinCollection_wData() R162
LeaveCollection() R162
QueryCollection() R163
UpdateCollectionEntry() R163
context space
ContextAdd() R112
ContextLookup() R110
ContextMultiLookup() R111
ContextMultiReverseLookup() R113
ContextPathAdd() R112
ContextPathLookup() R110
ContextPathMultiLookup() R111
ContextPathRemove() R113
ContextPWD() R114
ContextRemove() R112
ContextSingleReverseLookup() R113
ContextSpaceActive() R110
legion_cd() R115
legion_mkdir() R114
exceptions interface
Legion_ExceptionCatcherDefaultEnable() R109
host objects
CancelHostReservation() R144
ChangeObjectOwner() R147
CheckHostReservation() R143
GetCompatibileVaults() R146
GetImplArchFromHost() R144
GetImplementationCache() R147
GetObjectStatus() R147
HostDeactivateObject() R145
KillObject() R144
ListObjects() R145
MakeReservationFromHost() R143
VaultOK() R146
implicit parameters
MessageImplicitParm_FindInt() R159
MessageImplicitParm_FindLOID() R159
MessageImplicitParm_FindString() R160
MessageImplicitParm_InsertInt() R158
MessageImplicitParm_InsertLOID() R158
MessageImplicitParm_InsertString() R158
MessageImplicitParm_Remove() R159
MessageImplicitParm_ReplaceInt() R160
MessageImplicitParm_ReplaceLOID() R160
MessageImplicitParm_ReplaceString() R161
MethodImplicitParm_FindInt() R156
MethodImplicitParm_FindLOID() R155
MethodImplicitParm_FindString() R156
MethodImplicitParm_InsertInt() R154
MethodImplicitParm_InsertLOID() R154
MethodImplicitParm_InsertString() R155
MethodImplicitParm_Remove() R155
MethodImplicitParm_ReplaceInt() R157
MethodImplicitParm_ReplaceLOID() R157
MethodImplicitParm_ReplaceString() R157
Legion Library interface R106
ClassOf() R108
GetMyLOID() R109
Legion_AcceptMethods() R107
Legion_DeleteSelf() R108
Legion_GetLegionClassBinding() R107
Legion_GetLegionClassLOID() R107
Legion_init() R106
Legion_init_command_line_class() R106
Legion_init_with_class() R106
Legion_Sleep() R108
Activate() R121
ActivateRestricted() R122
ComplxActivateRestricted() R123
ComplxCreateRestricted() R119
ComplxScheduledActivateRestricted() R124
ComplxScheduledCreateRestricted() R120
Create() R116
CreateRestricted() R117
DeactivateObject() R125
DeleteObject() R125
DestroyObject() R125
ForcedDeactivateObject() R126
GetObjectType() R126
isBindingAgent() R130
isClass() R128
isContext() R127
isFile() R127
isHost() R128
isImplementation() R129
isImplementationCache() R129
isLegionClass() R130
isMPI() R130
isPVM3() R131
isRunnable() R127
isTTY() R129
isVault() R128
ObjectActive() R115
Ping() R115
ScheduledActivate() R121
ScheduledActivateRestricted() R122
ScheduledCreate() R116
ScheduledCreateRestricted() R118
valid architectures R105
vault objects
CancelVaultReservation() R149
ChangeOPROwner() R151
CheckVaultReservation() R149
GetCompatibleHosts() R150
HostOK() R149
MakeReservationFromVault() R148
TransferOPRsAndDestroySelf() R150


host object
adding new, command-line procedure R81
adding new, rsh procedure R81
restart extras, command-line R82
shutting down extras, command-line R82
host object implementations D149-D151
host object interface D150
host objects S42
adding a new host object S45
adding a PCD host S51
batch queue host objects S58
PCD host commands S54
process control daemon (PCD) hosts S51
setting up a native MPI host S64
host vs. host object B28
host-mandatory interface D150
bootstrap host R82
start-up host R82
host-vault compatibility S42-S45
host-vault pairs S42-S45


I/O libraries D41-D80
2D file asynchronous interface D70
2D file synchronous interface D61
buffered library, C and C++ interface D48
buffered library, Fortran interface D50
buffered library, low impact interface D53
command-line tools D80
LegionBuffer I/O header D54
LegionBuffer I/O interface D54
raw I/O header D42
raw I/O library D45
raw I/O linkage D42
terminal I/O D77
implementation caches S39
implementation model S38
implementation object interface D153-D155
getImplementation() D155
implementation tools S40
implicit parameters, manipulating S32
import a local Unix tree B25
inert state D137
first time start-up S14-S17
security setting S18
instance placement on hosts and vaults B30
invocation matcher D95
invocation store D95
invoke_method() R84


Java and Legion D16


Kerberos support B11, S29

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