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legacy code D10
about B8, B13, D8, S7
core object model S36
CWVC prototype D13
design constraints D12
documentation B7, D7, S7
downloading S8
history D13
language support D17
objectives D9
philosophy D11
Legion class management D147
Legion documentation R5
Legion.AcceptMethods() D102
Legion.CreateObject() D102
Legion.init() D102
legion_disconnect_stdio() D80
legion_init_security, running S18
legion_map_stdio() D79
legion_printf() D78
legion_puts() D78
legion_register_tty_callback() D79
Legion_return() D99
Legion_Simple R84
legion_tty_init() D78
legion_tty_write() D78
legion_unmap_stdio() D79
legion_watch_stdio() D79
LegionBindingAgent D146
LegionBuffer D85, D88, R95
associated LegionCompressor R97
associated LegionEncryptor R97
associated LegionPacker R97
associated LegionStorage R95
constructors R95
LegionBuffer() R95
LegionPackable R97
show() R98
LegionBuffer I/O interface D54
LegionClass B13, D146
LegionCompressionDefault D88
LegionCompressor D88, R97
compress() R97
decompress() R97
LegionComputationTag R102
accessor functions R102
constructors R102
pack() R103
show() R103
unpack() R103
LegionComputationTagGenerator D93
LegionContinuationList D99
LegionDefaultMessageHandler D116
LegionEncryptionDefault D88
LegionEncryptor D88, R97
decode() R97
encrypt() R97
LegionEvent D97, D112
LegionEvent_Can_I D116
LegionEvent_MessageComplete D116
LegionEvent_MessageReceive D116
LegionEvent_MethodDone D120
LegionEvent_MethodSend D116
LegionEventHandler D112, D113
LegionEventHandlers D114
LegionEventKind D97, D112, D116
LegionEventKind defaults D114
LegionEventManager D111, D113
LegionExceptionCatcherDefaultEnable() D108
legionf_disconnect_stdio() D80
legionf_map_stdio() D80
legionf_tty_init() D80
legionf_unmap_stdio() D80
legionf_watch_stdio() D80
LegionGeneralPurposeLOID D83
LegionHost D146
LegionInvocationStore D96, D116, R93
any_ready() R93
any_ready_for_func() R93
enable_function () R93
get_return_value() R94
insert() R94
next_matched() R93
next_matched_for_func() R93
release_all_return_values() R94
release_return_value() R94
set_priority () R93
LegionLibraryState D108-D110
LegionLOID D83, R98
accessors R99
is_class() R100
is_empty() R99
LegionLOID() R99
LegionLOID() (protected) R98
overloaded operators R99
pack() R100
same_class_as() R100
set_field_size() R99
set_type() R99
show() R100
unpack() R100
LegionMessage D94, D97, R100
accessor functions R100
LegionContinuationList R103
LegionEnvironment R103
LegionEnvironmentItem R103
LegionMessage() R100
other fields R103
overloaded operators R100
pack() R101
show() R101
unpack() R101
LegionPackable D88, R97
pack() R97
LegionPacker D86, D88, R97
get_ZZZ() R97
put_ZZZ() R97
LegionPackerDefault D86
LegionPackerX2Y D86
LegionParameter D93, R101
accessor functions R101
LegionParameter() R101
other constructors R101
overloaded operators R101
pack() R101
show() R101
unpack() R101
LegionParameterList D93, R102
constructors R102
find() R102
pack() R102
set operations R102
show() R102
unpack() R102
LegionParameters D102
LegionProgramGraph D95, D101, R92
add_constant_parameter() R92
add_invocation () R92
add_invocation_parameter() R92
add_result_dependency() R92
execute() R93
get_value() R93
LegionProgramGraphs D94
LegionStorage D85, R95
current_byte() R96
getMetaData() R96
linearize() R96
read() R95
seek() R96
setMetaData() R96
size() R96
write() R96
LegionStoragePersistent D85
LegionStorageScat D85
LegionUtilityFunction class D109
LegionVault D146
LegionWorkUnit D98, R94
get_continuation_list() R94
get_function_number() R94
get_parameter() R94
library functions D41
library implementation interfaces R92
library initialization D109
linking a context name to an object B23
linking a directory to context space B26
lio_create_tempfile() D53
lio_legion_to_tempfile() D53
lio_tempfile_to_legion() D54
liof_close() D51
liof_done() D50
liof_flush() D51
liof_init() D50
liof_open() D51
liof_read() D52
liof_read_doubles() D53
liof_read_ints() D52
liof_read_line() D52
liof_read_reals() D53
liof_rewind() D52
liof_write() D51
liof_write_doubles() D53
liof_write_ints() D52
liof_write_line() D51
liof_write_reals() D53
ln R26
log in status, checking B11
logging in B9
logging out B11
about B15, D133
and context names B15
assign a context name to a LOID B21
data structures D134
in binding process D138
looking up an object's LOID B19
RSA key B15
LRef D83, D104-D106
LRefCntr D104
ls R26


make_loid() D83
make_reservation() D127
makefile, sample B64
MayI S26, S27-S28
MayI() D36
Mentat D18-D22, R62
about MPL D18
classes D21
interobject parallelism encapsulation D18-D20
Mentat objects vs. C++ objects D22
MPL compiler D82
object model D21
objects D22
philosophy D20
message layer S26
message stack hooks D37
messageDeliver() D123
metaclasses B13
mkdir R22, R27
MPI B37-B53, D17
Legion MPI B37
accessing files B41
checkpointing support B45
compiling B37
debugging support B44
fault tolerance B45
functions supported B49
installing Legion MPI B37
register compiled tasks B38
running an MPI application B38
running with fewest changes B50
sample makefile B37
sample programs (C and Fortran) B40
scheduling processes B42
SPMD-style applications B45
subroutines for accessing files B41
task classes B37
link-in replacement library B37
Native MPI B50
compiling B50
register compiled tasks B51
running an MPI application B51
sample programs (C only) B53
scheduling processes B53
task classes B50
setting up a native MPI host S64
SPMD-style applications B49
supported interface B37
multiple inheritance D37
mv R27


naming and binding
LegionLOID R98
naming, list an object's context names B22
new context names B21
new context, create B20
Nexus and Legion D16
NOW and Legion D16


OA D135
object address (OA or LOA) S37, S68
object creation procedure S38
object interface D36
object model
bindings D135
context names D134
naming conventions D133
object addresses D135
object attributes D136
object states D137
object permissions, changing B11
object wrappers D17
object-mandatory member functions D145, S36
deactivate() D145
getInterface() D145
overriding D36
ping() D145
restoreState() D137
saveState() D137
OPA D137, D152-D153, S38, S47
OPR D137, D151-D153, S47


pack() D88-D90
assigning S31
changing S32
storage S28
password, changing B10
path expression concurrency control D120
PathExpressionManager D120
PCD hosts
about S51, S56
as bootstrap host S57
commands S54
installing S51
ping() R8
placing instances B30
private mode S26
program graphs D100
programming model D82
protected mode S26
protocol Stack
default D114
protocol stack
adding new functionality D116
implementing events D111
public methods D44-D45
append() D44
read() D44
stat() D44
trunc() D44
truncAppend() D45
write() D44
put_char() D86
put_short() D86
PVM B33-B36, D17
applications B33
compiling B34
installing PVM-Legion library B34
legion_pvm_register B35
Legion-PVM tasks B34
library B33
registering compiled tasks B35
running with fewest changes B36
sample makefile B34
sample PVM programs B35
task classes B34
Tids and LOIDs B33
pwd R27


raw I/O library D45-D48
BasicFiles_append() D47
BasicFiles_close() D46
BasicFiles_creat() D45
BasicFiles_delete() D46
BasicFiles_done() D45
BasicFiles_exists() D45
BasicFiles_init() D45
BasicFiles_open() D46
BasicFiles_read() D46
BasicFiles_seek() D47
BasicFiles_size() D47
BasicFiles_tell() D47
BasicFiles_trunc() D47
BasicFiles_truncAppend() D48
BasicFiles_write() D46
read() D44
remote program execution B54-B58
about B54
converting C/C++ programs B59
example B59
executing independent programs B54
executing linked programs B56
legion_run B56
running a serial program B57
setting command-line arguments B58
setting input and output Legion files B58
setting input and output local files B58
specifying program's platform B57
removing context names B23
removing objects B23
renaming an object B22
resource management S72-S73
adding resources S73
Collection object S72
commands S72
configuring Scheduler object S72
constructing collection queries D131
determining available resources D127
Enactor object S72
Legion approach D125
management objects D126
MESSIAHS interface language D131
MIL query strings S73
refusing reservations D129
reserving desired resources D127
resource allocation philosophy D125
Scheduler data structure D128
Scheduler object S72
set a default Scheduler S73
set scheduler policy S73
rm R28
root context B17
root privileges S18
RSA public key B15
running a Legion application B32
runtime libary
event interfaces D113
runtime library D82-D124
active messages D118
add new event kind D116
binding process D96
catching exceptions D108
compressor D88
encryptor D88
event kinds and handlers D97
events D111-D114
ex1_Simple.c R89
examples and interfaces R84
exception propagation model D106
exception propagation policy D107
invocation execution and result return D98
invocations and messages D92
Legion buffer D85
LegionLOID D83
LOID functionality D84
message contents D92-D95
message database D95
message parameters D93
message passing D123
metadata D88
method invocation D96
method invocation construction D99
method ready events D98
modifying D111
packability D88
packer D86
path expressions D120
program graphs D100
programming model D82
Simple.c R84
Simple.h R84
Simple.trans.c R85
Simple.trans.h R85
storage D85
use D108-D110
work unit D95, D98


security S26
AuthenticationObject S28
changing user passwords S32
creating implementations S30
creating new users S31
enabling S18
features S30
Legion security model S26
MayI S26, S27-S28
message layer S26
private mode S26
protected mode S26
public key encryption S27
seek() D87
serverLoop() D114
setting up your environment B9
sharing objects with other users B11
simple class R84
source LOID D92
start a single system on two hosts R82
start-up host R82
start-up procedure S14-S17
stat() D44
string names B13
stub generator D36
system administrator
creating a user id S18


terminal I/O library
legion_disconnect_stdio() D80
legion_map_stdio() D79
legion_printf() D78
legion_puts() D78
legion_register_tty_callback() D79
legion_tty_init() D78
legion_tty_write() D78
legion_unmap_stdio() D79
legion_watch_stdio() D79
legionf_disconnect_stdio() D80
legionf_map_stdio() D80
legionf_tty_init() D80
legionf_unmap_stdio() D80
legionf_watch_stdio() D80
TrivialMayI() D36
trunc() D44
truncAppend() D45
tty objects B57, B66-B68, D80-D81
about B66
using B66-B68
two-dimensional file interfaces D54-D77
access patterns D55
asynchronous interface D70-D77
lio_2d_free_request() D77
lio_2d_getRead_<TYPE>() D76
lio_2d_getWrite_<TYPE>() D77
lio_2d_nbReadBlock_<TYPE>() D72
lio_2d_nbReadCols_<TYPE>() D71
lio_2d_nbReadElements_<TYPE>() D74
lio_2d_nbReadRows_<TYPE>() D70
lio_2d_nbReadSequential_<TYPE>() D75
lio_2d_nbWriteBlock_<TYPE>() D73
lio_2d_nbWriteCols_<TYPE>() D72
lio_2d_nbWriteElements_<TYPE>() D74
lio_2d_nbWriteRows_<TYPE>() D70
lio_2d_nbWriteSequential_<TYPE>() D76
liof_2d_free_request() D77
liof_2d_getread_<TYPE>() D76
liof_2d_getWrite_<TYPE>() D77
liof_2d_nb_readblock_<TYPE>() D72
liof_2d_nb_readcols_<TYPE>() D71
liof_2d_nb_readelements_<TYPE>() D74
liof_2d_nb_readrows_<TYPE>() D70
liof_2d_nb_readsequential_<TYPE>() D75
liof_2d_nb_writeblock_<TYPE>() D73
liof_2d_nb_writecols_<TYPE>() D72
liof_2d_nb_writerows_<TYPE>() D71
liof_2d_nb_writesequential_<TYPE>() D76
liof_2d_nbWriteelements_<TYPE>() D75
TwoDFileObject<TYPE>::getRead() D76
TwoDFileObject<TYPE>::getWrite() D77
TwoDFileObject<TYPE>::nbReadBlock() D72
TwoDFileObject<TYPE>::nbReadCols() D71
TwoDFileObject<TYPE>::nbReadElements() D73
TwoDFileObject<TYPE>::nbReadRows() D70
TwoDFileObject<TYPE>::nbReadSequential() D75
TwoDFileObject<TYPE>::nbWriteBlock() D73
TwoDFileObject<TYPE>::nbWriteCols() D71
TwoDFileObject<TYPE>::nbWriteElements() D74
TwoDFileObject<TYPE>::nbWriteRows() D70
TwoDFileObject<TYPE>::nbWriteSequential() D75
examples D56
header D43
linking D43
synchronous interface D61-D70
lio_2d_create_<TYPE>() D61
lio_2d_destroy_<TYPE>() D62
lio_2d_numCols() D70
lio_2d_numRows() D69
lio_2d_open_<TYPE>() D61
lio_2d_readBlock_<TYPE>() D65
lio_2d_readCols_<TYPE>() D63
lio_2d_readElements_<TYPE>() D66
lio_2d_readRows_<TYPE>() D62
lio_2d_readSequential_<TYPE>() D68
lio_2d_writeBlock_<TYPE>() D66
lio_2d_writeCols_<TYPE>() D64
lio_2d_writeElements_<TYPE>() D67
lio_2d_writeRows_<TYPE>() D63
lio_2d_writeSequential_<TYPE>() D69
liof_2d_create_<TYPE>() D61
liof_2d_destroy_<TYPE>() D62
liof_2d_numcols() D70
liof_2d_numrows() D69
liof_2d_open_<TYPE>() D62
liof_2d_readblock_<TYPE>() D65
liof_2d_readcols_<TYPE>() D64
liof_2d_readelements_<TYPE>() D67
liof_2d_readrows_<TYPE>() D62
liof_2d_readsequential_<TYPE>() D68
liof_2d_writeblock_<TYPE>() D66
liof_2d_writecols_<TYPE>() D64
liof_2d_writeelements_<TYPE>() D68
liof_2d_writerows_<TYPE>() D63
liof_2d_writesequential_<TYPE>() D69
TwoDFileObject<TYPE>::create() D61
TwoDFileObject<TYPE>::destroy() D62
TwoDFileObject<TYPE>::numCols() D70
TwoDFileObject<TYPE>::numRows() D69
TwoDFileObject<TYPE>::open() D61
TwoDFileObject<TYPE>::readBlock() D65
TwoDFileObject<TYPE>::readCols() D63
TwoDFileObject<TYPE>::readElements() D66
TwoDFileObject<TYPE>::readRows() D62
TwoDFileObject<TYPE>::readSequential() D68
TwoDFileObject<TYPE>::writeBlock() D66
TwoDFileObject<TYPE>::writeCols() D64
TwoDFileObject<TYPE>::writeElements() D67
TwoDFileObject<TYPE>::writeRows() D63
TwoDFileObject<TYPE>::writeSequential() D69


unpack() D88-D90
user id B10
change password B10
change user information B9
user id, creating new S31
UVaL_LegionDomain_Virginia D83


vault object
adding new, command-line procedure R81
adding new, rsh procedure R81
restart extras, command-line R82
shutting down extras, command-line R82
vault object implementations D151-D153
vault object interface
basic D152
createOPR() D152
deleteOPR() D152
getOPR() D152
getOPRAddress() D152
giveOPR() D152
isManaged() D152
markActive() D152
markInactive() D152
OPAs and OPRs D152-D153
vault objects S42
adding S48
vault vs. vault object B28
view a Legion file object's contents B24


write() D44

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