15.0 Setting up a native MPI host

If you or your users are running native MPI code through Legion (via legion_native_mpi_run ) you will need to install one class and set certain properties on the host.

To install the class, called legion_native_mpi_backend, run legion_native_mpi_init. This will install the class in /class.

legion_native_mpi_init [<architecture>]

The optional parameter allows you to specify an architecture for which an implementation for this class can be registered. You can run the command multiple times to specify multiple architectures.

To set native MPI properties on a host, run the legion_native_mpi_config_host command.

legion_native_mpi_config_host [<wrapper>]

The optional parameter allows you to specify a wrapper script that locates mpirun on the host. The default specifies the legion_native_mpich_wrapper script, which is for an MPICH implementation. The script is provided with the current release in:

$ $LEGION/bin/$LEGION_ARCH/legion_native_mpich_wrapper

This script can be found in $LEGION/src/Tools/.

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