4.0 System shutdown

Once the system is running, Legion can be safely shut down and restarted without a loss of state. Creators of user object classes can choose whether or not to maintain the state of their objects. A summary of the steps for shutting down is on page 29.

4.1 Shutting down an insecure system

If you did not enable Legion security, issue the shutdown command from the bootstrap host:

$ legion_shutdown

It may take several minutes to shut down the system. Be patient, and do not try to quit the process with ^C. When completed the entire system, with the notable exception of any extra hosts and vaults that were started separately, will be deactivated.

4.2 Shutting down a secure system

If you are using a PCD host as your bootstrap, the shutdown process is a bit complicated. There is no "root" user and each user owns his or her own objects. Please contact us at <legion-help@virginia.edu> if you have any questions about this.

To shut down a secure system, run legion_shutdown while logged in as admin. You may need to clean up after the system by hand, i.e. kill the processes one by one from the command line (you can use ps to check that all Legion processes have been killed).

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