5.0 System restart

Once a system has been safely shut down, it can be restarted without repeating the configuration and first-time initialization process. If the system was not safely shut down, you cannot restart it but must start again with the configuration and start-up procedure (i.e., run legion_setup_state, etc.). In that case be sure to remove the $LEGION_OPR directory and to kill any extraneous Legion processes (use ps to check this).

For a normal system restart, check to be sure that environment variables are properly set. If necessary, run the following:

(ksh or sh users)

export LEGION_HOME=<Legion root dir path>
export LEGION_OPR=<Legion OPR root dir path> 
export OPENSSL_INC=<OpenSSL installation directory>/include
export OPENSSL_LIB=<OpenSSL installation directory>/lib
. $LEGION_HOME/legion_profile.sh

(csh users)

setenv LEGION_HOME <Legion root dir path>
setenv LEGION_OPR <Legion OPR root dir path>
setenv OPENSSL_INC <OpenSSL installation directory>/include
setenv OPENSSL_LIB <OpenSSL installation directory>/lib
source $LEGION_HOME/legion_profile.csh

Go to the start-up host and run the start-up command:

 $ legion_startup

Do not rerun legion_initialize. The objects created when you first ran it are still in the system, just in an inert state until the system is restarted. They will be reactivated and their state reloaded as necessary.

A summary of restarting is on page 29.

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