Legion 1.2

Reference Manual

Table of Contents


1.0 Where to look for other information

Legion commands

2.0 Command-line functions
2.1 Calls on objects
2.2 Calls on Class Objects
2.3 Calls on LegionClass
2.4 Calls on File and Context Objects
2.5 Start-Up and Shutdown Functions
2.6 Scheduling support
2.7 General functions about the state of the system
2.8 Security
2.9 Application development
2.10 Program support

Manipulating hosts and vaults

3.0 Starting extra hosts and vaults from the command line
3.1 Shutting down extra hosts and vaults from the command line
3.2 Extra hosts & vaults restart

Run-time library examples and interfaces

4.0 Example translations: the simple class
4.1 Simple.h and Simple.c
4.2 Simple.trans.h and Simple.trans.c
4.3 ex1_Simple.c
5.0 Interfaces
5.1 LegionProgramGraph
5.2 LegionInvocationStore
5.3 LegionWorkUnit
5.4 LegionBuffer
5.5 LegionMessage

Getting help


The Legion Research Group

Department of Computer Science
University of Virginia
Charlottesville, VA 22903