Legion 1.4
Developer Manual


This manual is for programmers of a Legion system. It contains information on two Legion-compatible languages (Mentat and Fortran), the Legion libraries, resource management, implementing new Legion objects, and Legion core objects.


This symbol, which appears next to some of the sections in this manual, indicates that, for the time being, the information in the section is incomplete, due to recent changes made to version 1.4. Future versions of this manual will include full documentation of these changes. Users can contact the Legion Research Group with any questions or problem with these sections (please see Getting help).

There are three other Legion manuals, each aimed at a specific type of user, that can be consulted for more information. Users who would like introductory information about the system should see the Basic User Manual. The System Administrator Manual provides information and documentation for administrators of Legion systems, including installing and running Legion, configuring security features, resource management, and managing a Legion system. The Reference Manual is a more specialized resource, providing detailed information about specific elements of the Legion system. It is recommended that users read at least one of the other manuals before using the Reference Manual. There are also man pages for all Legion commands, included with the system files, and tutorials on the Legion web site (<http://legion.virginia.edu>).

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