Legion 1.4
System Administrator Manual

4.0 Preparing the Legion environment

A properly set-up environment is crucial for working in the Legion system. The start-up process uses certain Legion-specific environment variables, which must be correctly set before starting applications and running command-line utility programs. Users must set these variables each time they enter Legion. Without a properly set environment, programs cannot communicate with other objects in the system, and the program may terminate with an error, never return a value, or fail in a more spectacular fashion. If this occurs, try setting your environment properly and starting over.

To prepare the environment in a newly started or restarted system, set the $LEGION and $LEGION_OPR variables and source the script that is appropriate for your shell.1

(ksh or sh users)

export LEGION=<Legion root dir path>
export LEGION_OPR=<Legion OPR root dir path>

(csh users)

setenv LEGION <Legion root dir path>
setenv LEGION_OPR <Legion OPR root dir path>

Check to be sure that environment variables are properly set. If necessary, run:

(ksh or sh users)

. $LEGION/bin/legion_env.sh
. $LEGION_OPR/legion_context_env.sh

(csh users)

source $LEGION/bin/legion_env.csh
source $LEGION_OPR/legion_context_env.csh

For the OPR root directory path, $LEGION/../OPR is suggested.

The environment must be properly set in each shell in which you plan to run Legion commands. We suggest that Legion system administrators prepare a set-up script for users to source when starting work in Legion. You can run the legion_make_setup_script command to automatically generate a set-up script for your system. The usage is:

legion_make_setup_script [-help] [-o <script basename>]
		[-OPR <OPR dir name>] [-L <$LEGION dir name>]

This script sets the environment variables for Legion users. The following options are supported:

-o <script basename>Specify the basename for the resulting setup scripts (default is /home/xxxx/OPR/setup). This command will generate two setup scripts, one for /bin/sh derivative users and one for csh-derivative users. The scripts will be named <script basename>.sh and <script basename>.csh, respectively.
-OPR <OPR dir name>Specify the OPR directory name that will be set up when the resulting scripts are run. This directory will contain the user's local copy of LegionClass.config (default is Legion-OPR). The user's local version of the directory will be placed in the user's $HOME.
-L <$LEGION dir name>Specify the value of $LEGION, which is the directory where the resulting scripts are run. The default is the current value of $LEGION.

1.Bourne Shell is not directly supported by our implementation of Legion, due to the use of alias to implement some Legion commands (notably legion_set_context). Bash, however, is supported. back

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