Legion On-Line Tutorials

The Legion tutorials offer quick and simple instructions for various key procedures for a Legion system. The tutorials listed below cover some of the basic tasks that Legion users will need to do: more tutorials will be added soon.

Starting and shutting down Legion
Step-by-step instructions for starting and shutting down a Legion system.

Legion context space
An introduction to Legion context space and instructions for using context-related Legion commands to move around in and customize your context space.

Starting a remote program in Legion
Instructions for registering and executing remote programs in Legion.

Legion host and vault objects
An introduction to Legion hosts and vaults and instructions for adding new resources to a Legion system.

Running an MPI code in Legion with the fewest changes
A quick-study guide for running MPI code in Legion.

Quick list of all Legion commands
A quick list of the syntax of all Legion commands.

Usage of all Legion commands
Information about all Legion commands.