Supporting Diversity and Performance in Wide-Area Metasystems


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Table of Contents

Supporting Diversity and Performance in Wide-Area Metasystems

The team that did the work

PI’s & Sponsors

The Problem


The Opportunity

PPT Slide

Technical Objectives

The Legion philosophy

Flexibility and extensibility

Legion philosophy

We achieve our goals via a flexible object model, user-replaceable “system” components, and a “soft” layering scheme

Everything is an object

Legion objects

Legion classes

“System” object types

Host objects


Flexible layers

Legion layers are “soft”

Traditional layering scheme

An event-based stack

Event lists for MPL

Receiving side flexibility - active messages

Receiving side flexibility - message logging

Parallel Computing

Parallel Computing in Legion

Program Graphs

Graph example

Graph example

Program graphs are first class

A contained graph

A graph as a parameter

Graph parameters are similar to continuations



Author: Andrew Grimshaw


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