Metacomputing: Whatís in it for ME? Legion 1.3


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Table of Contents

Metacomputing: Whatís in it for ME? Legion 1.3

What is a Metasystem, anyway?

So whatís wrong with existing systems?

But the fundamental problem is...

Our Vision - One Transparent System

Metacomputing Benefits

Example Application

Issues in our example

What Legion Provides

Legion philosophy (CS slide)

Legionís Concrete Benefits

Remote file access today

File Access Tomorrow

Remote Execution Today

Remote Execution Tomorrow

OK, OK, I really meant...

Wide-area Parallel Processing

Bag of Tasks Tomorrow

Big Parallel Apps

Meta Applications

The Userís View of Legion

Authentication (login)

Unified Console

Location-Independent Objects/Files

Remote execution

Binary Mangement

Parallel Computing

Legion Status -- 1.3


Author: Andrew Grimshaw