Applications targeted to clustered resources and the NPACI metasystem do so to achieve a new level of performance. However, this application performance must be achieved in a dynamic environment where other users share resources, reducing their access and/or available capacities. In order to achieve application performance on shared, distributed metasystems, applications must be scheduled in a way which leverages deliverable resource performance at execution time. The goal of the AppLeS project is to develop individual application schedulers which couple with metasystems applications to achieve performance in dynamic, shared environments.

Currently, an individual metasystem application is embedded in its own AppLeS scheduler which develops an execution time schedule using dynamic performance forecasts and an application-specific performance model. We are developing AppLeS-enhanced metasystem applications with a number of NPACI applications developers (including the DOT, SARA, Tomography, and SRB teams). These AppLeS applications are being prototyped and tested with the intention of transferring the AppLeS-enhanced application back to the developer in order to improve their application's performance in shared, distributed environments. In addition, we are collaborating with Rich Wolski, who has just moved to U. Tennessee, to assist with the development and maintenance of an up-to-date Network Weather Service facility to provide monitored and forecast data of metasystem resource load and availability information.

We are embarking on a related research project (through other funding mechanisms) to design AppLeS templates which will make AppLeS methodology accessible to a much broader set of users. Each template will target a common class of metasystem applications (master/slave, parameter sweep, distributed data applications, etc.). When prototypes have been designed and developed, we intend to expand our NPACI project to "harden" and "tech transfer" the templates to be used by NPACI metasystem users.

In short, individual AppLeS applications are currently in demonstration or early deployment mode for their target development teams. AppLeS templates have not yet been prototyped.

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