1998 NPACI Integration Meeting Goals

Recall from the original proposal the two following diagrams. The first is a generic layering scheme.


The second is specific to the partnership, though it does not mention every project. The idea behind the diagrams is that the partnership is hardening a large set of software, most of which can be placed in one of several categories. Further, each software component provides a set of capabilities, exports an interface, and potentially uses the capabilities of lower layer components. Note that some components may reside at multiple levels depending on their use. For example, storage services such as the SRB may be viewed and used by metasystems software as an extension to the vendor virtual machine; and exported as a library to libraries and applications while being partially layered over the metasystem software.

Our objective in the workshop is to begin the process of knitting the diverse components being hardened by the partnership into an integrated whole.

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