Legion - The Grid OS: A userís view


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Legion - The Grid OS: A userís view

The UVA Team


Would you like to install Legion at your site? Let us know and we can help. More info is available online at http://legion.virginia.edu

Legion Overview

The Grid

Emerging Environment

Technical Requirements

Why Object-based?

Legion: One Transparent System

What is Legion?


What is Legion?

Legion Technical Benefits

Shared Persistent Spaces

Transparent Remote Execution

Strong Security

Cross-Organization Collaboration

Parallel Processing

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Meta-application example

Tools - All are cross-platform

Legion Powered Applications

Legion Architecture and Philosophy

The Problem

Legion Philosophy

Legion philosophy

Legion Object Model

The object model


Legion Object Identifiers (LOID)

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What goes on a host?

Users View

First steps

Authentication (login)

Legion (context) space

Contexts are more general than Unix directories

Context Examples

Look in /hosts

Host objects

Look in /users

Create a new context

Other stuff

Object info

Where is it?

Importing Local Directories and Files

Importing Local Directories and Files

Access Control

Access Control

Access Control

Unified Console

TTY Objects in Action

Running Applications

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Running sequential applications

Registering the binary

Class Objects

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Remote execution

Example 1

Example 2

Parameter space studies


Example 1

Example 2

Legion-aware sequential applications

Legion I/O

C interface example

Fortran Interface

Linkage requirements


Why use stdgrid?

Operations Supported

Example Code

Parallel Computing

Parallel Computing

MPI - relink

Running an MPI program

MPI program execution

User-directed scheduling

Debugging MPI

Running Native MPI Program

Native MPI Program Execution

User-Directed Scheduling

Mixed MPI

MPL - A Parallel C++

Pipeline example

Code Examples


Basic Fortran Support - BFS

Sample BFS Interfaces

BFS Method Invocation

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Platforms & The Computational Collective

Legion 1.6.4 Platforms

Queuing Systems

The Computational Collective

National Legion Net

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Parallel 2D Files


More Features

Access Patterns

Two Dimensional File Object

Two Dimensional File Object

Author: Andrew Grimshaw