David H. Lorenz, University of Virginia

David H. Lorenz
University of Virginia
PhD, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology

Contact information

David H. Lorenz
Department of Computer Science
University of Virginia
151 Engineer's Way
P.O. Box 400740,
Charlottesville VA, 22904-4740 USA

E-mail: lorenz*AT*cs.virginia.edu 
Telephone: +1 (434) 982-2253
FAX at +1 (434) 982-2214

Now at the Open University

Research Interests:

I am a Principal Scientist and Executive Director of a new multidisciplinary center for secure and dependable computing funded by the Commonwealth of Virginia and the University of Virginia's Vice President for Research. I am the PI of an NSF Science of Design grant for Controlling the Design Complexity of Large Software Systems and a co-PI on another NSF funded grant for planning an Industry/University Collaborative Research Center for the study of Ultra-Large-Scale Software-Intensive Systems, led from the University of Virginia (UVa) with research sites at UVa, the University of California San Diego, Vanderbilt University and Michigan State University.

Selected Publications

Professional Service
  • ECOOP 2007 Program Committee member
  • FOAL 2007 Program Committee member
  • WTAOP 2007 Program Committee member
  • ICSOFT 2007 Program Committee member
  • OOPSLA 2006 Program Committee member
  • OOPSLA 2006 Poster and Student Research Competition Committee member
  • NODe 2006 Program Committee member
  • WTAOP 2006 Program Committee member
  • OAL'06 Co-organizer
  • ACP4IS'06 Co-organizer
  • DAW 2006 Program Committee member
  • FOAL 2005 Program Committee member
  • AOMD 2005 Program Committee member
  • AOSD 2004 Program Committee member
  • ECOOP 2003 Posters and Demonstrations Co-Chair
  • ACP4IS'02; ACP4IS'03; ACP4IS'04; ACP4IS'05 Co-organizer

    PhD Students
  • Sergei Kojarski

    Acknowledgment of Support
    Currently supported by the National Science Foundation (NSF, Science of Design program) under Grants No. CCF-0438971 and CCF-0609612; and by the National Science Foundation (NSF, Industrial Innovation and Partnerships program) under Grant No. IIP-0700600. Previously supported by the National Science Foundation (NSF) under Grants No. CCR-0204432 and CCR-0098643.

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