CS 332: Algorithms

Homework #5


Assigned: †††††† Wednesday, April 3 2002


Due: †††††††††††††† Friday, April 12 2002


1.      Exercise 14.3-7 (15-3.7 in old book).Additional (perhaps obvious) hint: use an interval tree.This is a good example of a problem in the field of computational geometry.


2.      Exercise 23.2-4 (24.2-4) and Exercise 23.2-5 (24.2-5).For the second problem (Primís algorithm), ignore the case where edge weights range from 1 to |V|; just focus on the case when edge weights run from 1 to a constant W.


3.      Exercise 23.4-5 (22.4-5).Give a detailed answer, with pseudocode and analysis of running time, and sketch a proof that all vertices are output when there are no cycles, and a description and sketch of a proof of what happens when a cycle exists.