CS390, Spring 2004

Interview Assignment


    There's nothing to hand in for this assignment. You are to interview a fourth year CS major who is working on a senior thesis. You should ask them questions of the nature discussed below and then come to the last day of class on April 21rd prepared to discuss your findings.


    Find a 4th year CS major at UVa who has just turned in their senior thesis and ask them about their thesis experience. Most of them will have a lot to say about the process. Many of them will wish they'd done things a little differently. Find out what they would do differently, and learn from it. Come to class prepared to discuss what you heard and what you would do to remedy the regrets, second thoughts and recommendations they have.

    A suggested set of questions you might ask:

It's Due When?

    April 21rd, in class.

In What Form?

    Come to class prepared to discuss your findings.

Why Should I Take This Seriously?

C'mon.  This could be the most useful thing you do in this course.  Your thesis can be a waste of everybody's time or an instructive, interesting, and yes, even fun experience.  Many of our alumni think it was the best thing they did in college. Others undoubtedly hated every minute of it.  By interviewing a friend or two about their personal experiences and what they wish they had known when they started, you can try to learn the difference.