Some teams I have played on:

  Bond (2005)
Charlottesville/DC co-ed team
  Monkey Knife Fight (2004)
Charlottesville co-ed team
Blue Ridge Ultimate (2001-03)
Charlottesville-based co-ed team, went to UPA Club Nationals all three years

2nd at 2001 UPA National Championships
4th at 2002 WFDF World Club Championships

Check out the BRU photomosaics below!

Elvis Needs Boats
Research Triangle co-ed team

Flatball Nation
Men's team in Research Triangle

UNC-Chapel Hill men's club team

Ebb and Flow
Bay-Area co-ed club team

Colorado Springs Ultimate


Horizontal Springs


Kill the Wabbit


Milk Fed Veal


Team Dave

I learned to play in the summer of 1991 with the Colorado Springs team founded by Roger and (then) Amy Rains.  We had trouble picking a name.


A mock research paper that Carl Erikson and I submitted as part of a team bid for Fools '96.  We didn't get in.

Movie Clips

JB to Carl to Cory to Oxman (QuickTime) (MPEG)


BRU's Nate Miller sends a backhand huck against Trigger Hippy in the 2001 UPA National Finals.

BRU gave copies of this image, printed as a 3-foot square poster, to our opponents at the WFDF World Championships.  The individual sub-images all represent BRU: pictures of BRU on the field, shots of BRU on the sidelines, BRU partying, and various icons and images that represent where the players on BRU hail from.

Here is the full resolution image (12 MB)

Another shot of Nate throwing against Trigger Hippy. 

Here is the full resolution image (6 MB)