ANI-CHESS : a 3D OpenGL Front end for gnuchess.

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Ani(mated)-Chess is an OpenGL front end for a CHESSTOOL such as gnuchess.
This was created as a final project for a graduate level graphics class at the University of Virginia.

Project Partners: Michael Marley and Aziz Ibrahim

Project Presentation: Here

Source Code: - warning, this code comes as is, and could use a great deal of re-work to make it more efficent.

What do I need to use/compile Ani-Chess?
- Mesa Implementation of OpenGL
- Togl widget for TCL/TK
- A CHESSTOOL - suggested - gnuchess.

What is a CHESSTOOL and how do I get one?
A CHESSTOOL is a computational engine that verifies all moves, and plays chess on behalf of the computer. The CHESSTOOL that we used for this project is gnuchess. To get a copy, you can do a search on 'gnuchess'...

Current Status: Version 1.0
- Only playing options are user vs. computer
- You must have the gnuchess engine to play
- If Ani-Chess is not quit though the quit button, the chesstool process can remain active.

- Thanks to Tomi Sarvela for texture and gnuchess interface information. (http://nether.tky,
- Thanks to Zero-One Galleries for the wood and white marble texture image samples. (

Michael Marley
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