Mentat 3.0 Archive Files

Mentat 3.0 Archive Files

The following files are the archive files, separated by platform, available for download for the Mentat project. The "structure" tar file contains the basic directory structure, common shell scripts, manuals, and examples for the workstation versions. It should be downloaded and unpacked before unpacking platform specific files. The platform specific files, e.g. IBM RS6000, contain all of the platform specific binaries. The "GUI" files are needed for the thermo and mad_view programs. Refer to the Mentat User's Manual for installation instructions.

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Source code for the entire Mentat/Legion system (rtl, system, utilities, compiler, and legion extentions) may be obtained on a No-Cost License Agreement basis. You may obtain a copy of this license by clicking here. For more information, you may write to

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If you have any questions about Mentat please feel free to e-mail us at, Department of Computer Science, Thornton Hall, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Virginia 22903.