100 Hana Rd.
Edison, NJ 08817
Legion Research Group
Department of Computer Science
University of Virginia
Charlottesville, VA 22903


PhD Computer Science, Advisor: Andrew Grimshaw
University of Virginia (UVa), Charlottesville, VA
Thesis Title: Dynamically Configurable Distributed Objects
Expected May 1999
M.S. Computer Science
The Pennsylvania State University (Penn State), State College, PA
Paper Title: DPS: A Distributed Program Simulator
and Performance Measurement Tool
[Postscript] [PDF]
May 1994
B.S. Computer Science, B.S. Mathematics
Duke University, Durham, NC
May 1991


Distributed computing, meta-systems, parallel computing, object-orientation, component-based software development, operating systems.


Michael J. Lewis, and Andrew S. Grimshaw, "Dynamically Configurable Distributed Objects," Submitted to ACM Principles of Distributed Computing. [Postscript] [PDF]

Andrew S. Grimshaw, Michael J. Lewis, Adam J. Ferrari, and John F. Karpovich, "Architectural Support for Extensibility and Autonomy in Wide Area Distributed Object Systems," Submitted to IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Computing. [Postscript] [PDF]


Charles L. Viles, Michael J. Lewis, Adam J. Ferrari, Anh Nguyen-Tuong, and Andrew S. Grimshaw, "Enabling Flexibility in the Legion Run-Time Library," Proceedings of the International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Processing Techniques and Applications (PDPTA'97). (invited paper), Hamid R. Arabnia, editor. pp 265-274, Las Vegas, Nevada, June 30 - July2, 1997. [Postscript] [PDF]

Andrew S. Grimshaw, Anh Nguyen-Tuong, Michael J. Lewis, and Mark Hyett, "Campus-Wide Computing: Results Using a Legion Prototype at the University of Virginia," International Journal of Supercomputing Applications, Volume 11, Number 2, Summer 1997, pp. 129-143. [Postscript] [PDF]

Mike Lewis and Andrew Grimshaw, "The Core Legion Object Model," Proceedings of the Fifth IEEE Conference on High Performance Distributed Computing, pp. 551-561, Syracuse, NY, August 1996. [Postscript] [PDF] (An earlier, more detailed, but out-of-date version exists as UVa Technical Report CS-95-35, August 1995. [Compressed Postscript] [Postscript] [PDF]

W. Timothy Strayer, Michael J. Lewis, and Raymond E. Cline, Jr., "XTP as a Transport Protocol for Distributed Parallel Processing," Proceedings of the 1994 USENIX Symposium on High-Speed Networking, pp. 91-101, Oakland, California, August 1994. [Postscript] [PDF]

Michael J. Lewis and Raymond E. Cline, Jr., "PVM Communication Performance in a Switched FDDI Heterogeneous Distributed Computing Environment," Proceedings of the IEEE Workshop on Advances in Parallel and Distributed Systems, pp. 13-19, Princeton, NJ, October 1993. [Postscript] [PDF]


Graduate Research Assistant, Computer Science, UVa Fall 1994 - Present
Head Teaching Assistant, Computer Science, UVa Fall 1995
Computer Scientist, Distributed Information Systems Center,
Sandia National Laboratories
May 1993 - August 1994
Graduate Student, Penn State May 1993 - August 1994
Teaching Assistant, Computer Science, Penn State Fall 1991 - Spring 1993
Assistant Instructor, BEST Program, Penn State Summer 1992
Calculus Tutor, Duke University Fall 1990 - Spring 1991
Computer Programmer, Providence Journal Company Summer 1989, 1990, and 1991
Dean's List, Cum Laude, Duke University Fall 1990 - Spring 1991


Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
IEEE Computer Society
The USENIX Association


Graduate Student Steering Committee Member March 1997 - March 1998
Director of Graduate Student Orientation August 1997
Paper Referee Fall 1995 - Present
Graduate Student Mentor 1995, 1996, 1997
Graduate Student Selection Committee Member, Penn State Fall 1992


Dr. Andrew S. Grimshaw
Associate Professor
Director, Institute for Parallel Computation
Department of Computer Science
Thornton Hall, University of Virginia
Charlottesville, VA 22903

Dr. William A. Wulf
President, National Academy of Engineering
AT&T Professor of Computer Science, UVa
2101 Constitution Ave. NW
Washington, DC 20418

Dr. Raymond E. Cline, Jr.
Director, Center for Advanced Technologies and Services
Executive Directory, Distance Computing
Science Applications International Corporation
Washington, DC

Dr. James C. French
Research Associate Professor
Department of Computer Science
Thornton Hall, University of Virginia
Charlottesville, VA 22903

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