Meiyi Ma

University of Virginia
Email: meiyi AT

I'm a Ph.D. candidate in the department of Computer Science at the University of Virginia, under the supervision of Prof. John A. Stankovic and Prof. Lu Feng.
My research is at the intersection of Machine learning, Formal Methods, and Cyber-Physical Systems. Specifically, my work integrates Formal Methods and Machine Learning, and apply them to build safe, robust and reliable Cyber-Physical Systems, especially in areas of Smart Cities and Healthcare.
Here is my [CV] and [Google Scholar].

Recent News:

  • [Publication] Our paper "ViFin: Harness Passive Vibration to Continuous Micro Finger Writing with a Commodity Smartwatch" is accepted by IMWUT/Ubicomp 2021.
  • [Awards] Dec. 2020. I am selected as one of the Rising Stars in Data Science to participant and give a lightning talk at the CDAC Rising Stars in Data Science workshop at the University of Chicago.
  • [Event] I am serveing as the Web and Publicity Chair of 6th Workshop on the Monitoring and Testing of Cyber-Physical Systems (MT-CPS). Please consider submitting your papers.
  • [News] Nov. 24th, 2020. I am so grateful to be featured on both the UVA Engineering and UVA CS homepages!
  • [Awards] I am selected as one of the Rising Stars in EECS at UC Berkeley, 2020 .
  • [Publication] Our paper "DeResolver: A Decentralized Negotiation and Conflict Resolution Framework for Smart City Services" is accepted by ICCPS 2021!
  • [Publication] Our paper "STLnet: Signal Temporal Logic Enforced Multivariate Recurrent Neural Networks" is accepted by NeurIPS 2020!
  • [Publication] Our paper "Poster Abstract: Predictive Monitoring with Uncertainty for Deep Learning Enabled Smart Cities" is accpeted by Sensys 2020!
  • [Publication] Our paper "Demo Abstract: A Monitoring, Modeling, and Interactive Recommendation System for in-home Caregivers" is accpeted by Sensys 2020!
  • [Publication] Our paper "DemoAbstract: Continuous Micro Finger Writing Recognition with a Commodity Smartwatch" is accpeted by Sensys 2020!
  • [Awards] Aug. 2020. I am very honored to receive Outstanding Graduate Research Awards, Link Lab, University of Virginia (2/250)
  • [Publication] Our paper "A Review of Cognitive Assistants for Healthcare: Trends, Prospects, and Future Directions." is accepted by ACM Computing Surveys (Impact Factor: 6.131)
  • [Publication] Dec. 2019. Our paper "SaSTL: Spatial Aggregation Signal Temporal Logic for Runtime Monitoring in Smart Cities" has been accepted by 2020 ICCPS. Here is the talk.
  • [Publication] Our paper "Data Sets, Modeling, and Decision Making in Smart Cities: A Survey" has been available online. Find the latest data sets and models in smart cities.
  • [Event] Aug. 13th, 2018. Serving as the Information Director for ACM Transactions on Computing for Healthcare.
  • [Award] July 14th - 17th, 2018. I am horned to receive NSF award to attended 30th International Conference on Computer Aided Verification (2018 CAV) in Oxford, UK.
  • [Event] July 5th, 2018. Serving as Publicity Chair of 2nd ACM Workshop on the Internet of Safe Things (SafeThings 2018)
  • [Event] May 14th, 2018. Serving as Local Chair of International Workshop on Next-Generation Cyber-Physical Systems
  • [Talks] April 11th, 2018. Presented our paper Cityresolver: a decision support system for conflict resolution in smart cities in the 9th ACM/IEEE International Conference on Cyber-Physical Systems (2018 ICCPS, co-located with CPS week).