16th IEEE Annual Computer Communications Workshop
October 14-17, 2001
Charlottesville, Virginia, http://www.cs.virginia.edu/ccw01/

Sightseeing, Attractions, Dining

Sightseeing and Local Attractions

Mid-October is peak  tourist seasons because of the fall colors in the Blue Ridge Mountains and Shenandoah National Park.


Bizou bistro style, outdoor dining, $$$ on the Mall between 2nd NW and 1st NW (977-1043)
C&O Restaurant French bistro, $$$ 515 E. Water St., (977-1043)
Chaps Ice Cream best ice cream in town ! on the Mall, 223 E Main 
Escafe Restaurant Italian, asian, outdoor dining, $$ on the Mall, right across from the Omni (977-1043)
Hamiltons Gourmet American, outdoor dining, $$$ First and Main Restaurant (977-1043)
L'Avventura Italian, $$ 220 Market Street W (977-1043)
Metropolitain Modern French and Asian! Inspired cooking. $$$$ 214 W. Water St.(977-1043)
Miller's American, outdoor seating, $ on the Mall, 109 W. Main St. (971-8511)
Mono Loco Southwestern, $$ 200 W. Water St.
OXO  Classical French, excellent, $$$$ 215 W. Water Street ( 977-8111)
South Street Brewery Brew Pub, American, Excellent Beer $$ 106 South Street, 293-6550


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