LoToS - Logical Topology Simulator

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(Minimal) instructions: 
  • For a quick Demo: Click on "Demo" and select one of the protocols. The simulation starts automatically.
    • Black nodes are called "physical nodes" and represent routers or hosts. Black edges represent ("physical") links at  the network layer.
    • Yellow nodes and edges represent nodes and edges of the overlay network. 
    • Note: It is possible to add and remove overlay nodes or modify the physical network, while the simulation is running. 
  • Controlling a Running Simulation:
    • Click on buttons: "Stop", "Run", "Next Event", "Next Frame", "Restart".
  • Controlling the Display:
    • Click on "View" and select/deselect  one of the display option. 
    • The routing trees in the overlay network are shown by selecting "Show Routing Trees" and clicking on an overlay node. 
  • Drawing a Topology:
    1. Add or Remove Physical Nodes: 
      Click on "Add/Remove Physical Nodes".
      Generate new physical nodes by clicking (with the left mouse button) in the canvas.
      Remove physical nodes, by clicking on a physical  nodes in the canvas.
    2. Add Physical Edges: 
      Click on "Add Physical Edges".
      Generate a new edge by clicking on one physical node and by dragging the mouse to another physical node. 
    3. Remove Physical Edges: 
      Click on "Delete Physical Edges".
      Click on physical  edges in the canvas
    4. Add or Remove Overlay Nodes: 
      Click on "Add/Remove Overlay Nodes".
      Generate a new overlay node by clicking on a physical node.
      Remove an overlay node by clicking on an existing overlay node.
    5. Show Routing Tree
    6. Click on an existing overlay node".
    7. Clear the canvas:  
      Click on "Clear All".
    8. Once the topology is drawn, click on "Protocol" to select an overlay protocol. Then, select "Run" to start the simulation.
  • NOTE: 
    • Clicking the right mouse button switches between the drawing options, e.g.,  "Add/Remove Physical Nodes", "Add Physical Edges", and so on.