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IEEE 802.14


Existing cable television community networks are evolving into bidirectional hybrid fiber/coaxial networks that can support applications such as video, tele-conferencing, telephony, and Internet access. The IEEE 802.14 Working Group is currently standardizing a MAC protocol for cable television based data networks. This protocol will support Quality of Service (QoS) requirements of multiple traffic types, including CBR, VBR, and ABR. The IEEE 802.14 Working Group is presently evaluating several fundamentally different MAC protocols, ranging from contention protocols and polling schemes to reservation protocols and hybrid schemes.

In our research we evaluate existing and develop new protocols for the IEEE 802.14 standard.

Recently, through collabortation with the National Institute of Standards (NIST), we have developed a standards compliant HFC simulation module for the NIST ATM simulator. Using this tool (shown below) we can evaluate different MAC protocols and their interoperation with ATM networks. This tool will allow us to complete a variety of simulation experiments, including operation with TCP, VBR, ABR and a wide variety of traffic sources.

Current Publications


We gave a presentation on our simulation model results at TCCC 96' in September. The slides are available in postscript format as well as the abstract submitted with it.

IEEE 802.14 Contribution 97-011

N. Golmie, D. H. Su, M. Corner, and J. Liebeherr, Simulation Study of ABR Service over IEEE 802.14 MAC, IEEE Project 802.14, Cable TV Protocol Working Group, Contribution IEEE 802.14/97-011, January 1997. Word Version.


N. Golmie, M. Corner, J. Liebeherr, D. H. Su, Improving the Effectiveness of ATM Traffic Control over Hybrid Fiber-Cox Networks, Submitted, March 1997. Postscript Version.


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