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Distance Learning over ATM


The project will design and implement a software control system for a distance learning system that supports tele-lectures over high-speed wide-area networks. The system will feature transmission of high-quality full-motion compressed video, digital audio, and shared annotation of a whiteboard. The conference control software will be based on our grounds-wide tele-tutoring system (gwTTS).

The technical challenge of the project is the integration of the high-speed network (ATM) technology used for video transmission with the Internet-based software control system. The outcome of this project is software that provides Litton-Network Access Systems (formerly Litton-Fibercom) with a prototype of a multi-party multimedia distance learning tool that is using Litton's CAMVision 7610 digital codec for video transmission. The resulting system will be one of Litton's distance learning applications.

People Involved

Jörg Liebeherr, Steve Brown, Bhupinder Sethi.


Litton and the Commonwealth of Virginia (CIT)

Testbed Environment



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