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In this chapter, we present the implementation of multicast MPLS for Linux and multicast MPLS Fast Reroute. First, in Section 5.1, we discuss an implementation of MPLS multicast for the Linux operating system. We have added multicast support to a previously existing implementation of MPLS for Linux, which formerly supported unicast only. To our knowledge, our implementation is the only MPLS multicast implementation available in the public domain. In Section 5.2, we present a new signaling protocol, MULticast TREe rEpair Label Distribution Protocol (MulTreeLDP). MulTreeLDP runs on top of our implementation of MPLS multicast to support multicast Label Switched Path (mLSP) establishment and implements the MPLS multicast Fast Reroute mechanism from Chapter 4.


Yvan Pointurier 2002-08-11