University of Virginia, Department of Computer Science
CS655: Programming Languages
Spring 2000

Project Summary: Java ParTy: Parameterized Types in Java

Java, as currently defined, lacks support for parameterized types. A programmer that wants to define a group of related types that have similar behavior but manipulate different types cannot always do so in Java. However, the language was designed to be expandable as the need for new programming power arises. We believe that Java users would benefit from the additional power of generic abstractions in code, and in our project, we will propose and implement an extension to Java that adds support for parametric polymorphism.

After choosing what makes parameterized types valuable to programmers, we will finally design and implement a limited version of these features. We aim to add only the most useful extensions to Java, and will not add complexity to the language unless its usefulness outweighs its complexity.

Team members:

Song Li
Ying Lu
Michael Walker
Hexin Wang

Project Proposal