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My education began in my birthplace, Alexandria, VA, where I attended St. Stephen's and St. Agnes School for twelve years. I then traveled southward to Emory University in Atlanta, GA for college. It was there that I deveolped an interest in philosophy of language and computer science. I graduated summa cum laude from Emory in 1999 with a double major: a BA in philosophy and a BA in computer science.

My honor's thesis was written in the Philosophy department under the direction of my advisor, Dr. Mark Risjord (Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Director of Undergraduate Studies). My thesis committee also included Dr. Nicholas Fotion of Emory University (philosophy) and Phil Hutto of Georgia Institute of Technology/Emory (computer science). The paper looks at Noam Chomsky's take on language acquisition, and involves some interesting aspects of philosophy of science, philosophy of mind, and artificial intelligence--especially neural networks.

In case you are interested, a copy of my undergraduate honor's thesis is available in .pdf format below.


I am now a student in the graduate department of computer science at UVa. During my stay in Charlottesville, I plan to earn an MS in computer science, focusing on aspects of parallel and distributed computing. I am working with the Legion research group under the direction of my advisor, Dr. Andrew Grimshaw. Legion is a wide-area virtual environment designed to build a heterogeneous system of millions of hosts and trillions of objects while allowing users the illusion of working on a single computer with tremendous resources.


A copy of my resume is available here.

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