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News Update (9/11/06): Fred Funk Takes 4th Place in DMC WORLD FINALS

Fred Funk is outta control. Someone needs to shut him down.. He took 4th place in the world. Peep the video.



News Update (8/19/06): Alter Ego "Fred Funk" WINS DMC US Finals!!

Fred Funk at DMC 2006 US finalsWow, big news. My twin Fred Funk was named US Champion at this years DMC US Finals, held at the Congress Theater in Chicago, IL. He will be representing the United States at the 2006 DMC World Championships in London, held at Hammersmith Palais, on September 11th, with a shot at the world title and $10,000 cash + prizes!

The battle will feature the best DJs from 23 countries around the world, as well as performances by past world champions DJ Craze, DJ Noize, Dopey, DJ Plus One, Kentaro, and Cutmaster Swift. DJ Enferno will be performing on the previous day, during the Battle for World Supremacy.


News Update (7/06): Alter Ego "Fred Funk" Advances in DMC, Guitar Center Battles

My twin, Fred Funk, has been killing it at the battles this year, advancing in DMC and Guitar Center competitions. He won the Wilmington DMC Regional, and will perform at the DMC US Finals in Chicago, at the Congress Theater on August 19th 2006. Also, he took first place at a heated Guitar Center battle in Rockville, MD, sending him to the Guitar Center Regional Finals in Cherry Hill, NJ, on July 19th, 2006. Stop by and show the man some love if you can!

News Update (5/06): Mike Brie Lives

qbert and brie

It's been a while, but things are still popping:

I collaborated with DJ I-Dee to put together our own break record. The test pressings sound great and we hope to be bringing it to a store near you soon enough. You can hear portions of it used during I-Dee's sets in the 2005 DMC Battle for World Supremacy DVDs, where I-Dee took second place in the world, big ups I-Dee!

I traveled down to Fredricksburg and took 1st place in the Fatty J's DJ battle. The battle was videotaped and is coming to a myspace page soon...I'll update the site once I get the link.

In April, I was able to live out one of my turntable dreams by sessioning with none other than DJ Q-Bert! By sheer coincidence, I was at the right place at the right time, and got invited to his crib. We had a good scratch session, discussed scratch techniques, break record ideas, and other innovations. I was able to tape a little bit of the freestyle Q&A along with DJ Tek Threat. Check the video section for footage, or click on the photo.

News Update (8/04): US Finals, Coast to Coast

Thanks to everybody for coming out to the US championship battles in Chicago, LA, and NYC this month (Kool Mixx & DMC).

I finished 2nd place in the DMC US Battle for World Supremacy, 3rd place in the DMC US teams finals with my team, the VA All-Stars, andI made top 12 in the DMC showcase finals in LA. Props to Merge for winning the showcase AND supremacy battle this year, and to Evolution DJs for winning teams for the third year in a row. Footage is on the way!! Check the "video clips" section for updates...

News Update (5/04): Mike Wins Kool Mixx DC Finals, Advances to National Finals (Chicago, July 2004)

I took first place at the Kool Mixx Regional Finals in Washington, DC, in a heated battle including Geometrix (Trooperz, VA), As-One (MD), and DJ Supreme (NY). The battle was anything but ordinary. Check out the footage.

From the win, I advance to the Kool Mixx National Finals in Chicago for a chance at the $10,000 grand prize.

News Update (4/22/04): Mike Wins Kool Mixx Prelims, Advances to Regional Finals

I took first place at the Kool Mixx prelims at Club 5 in Washington DC, which means that I will compete against fellow winners As-One, DJ Geometrix (Trooperz, VA All-Stars) and DJ Supreme in the Kool Mixx Finals on May 6th at Nation Nightclub on South Capitol St. in Washington DC. Ghostface, Raekwon, and Slick Rick will be performing that night, so don't miss out!!!

News Update (2/21/04): Mike Wins Louisville DMC Regionals, Advances to US Finals

GEAHH!! I took first place at the Louisville, KY DMC Regionals. Fellow VA All-star I-Dee got second, and Lenn Swann (Detroit) got third. I'll be going to LA for the US finals in August.

News Update (2/04): New Layout

I've updated the layout to the web page. You might think that means that I'll be updating the site more frequently. Nope! It just means I got a better web page editor. Same lazy approach as always, with a new style for the '04. There are some new videos up now, but that's about it.

News (1/24/04): First Element DJ Battle (Lancaster PA)

Mike placed second at the First Element DJ Battle, hosted by DJ Craze of the Allies. Esquire (NYC) won the battle, with DJ Image (Lancaster) coming in 3rd. Other finalists included DJ Complex (Addicts, NYC) and DJ Sic Roc (New Jers). Thanks to everybody in Lancaster, especially DJ Freez, for a good battle. Watch for the DVD coming soon, to be available at 12 Spot Records, Lancaster PA.

News (9/03):

Kool J Muhammad and DJ Malvo - Born to Kill is coming back to turntablelab.com soon -- still just nine bucks, same offensive content that you know you love!



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