General Sites
Geo (Trooperz crew) has a great web site forum for keeping tabs on the battle scene, especially in the DC area. has a good faq on scratching, and a good faq on getting into turntablism. They also sell break records.
Asisphonics has a radio show featuring some hot crews, including some from the DC area. The "mod squad" section lists a bunch of modifications you can do to your tables, mixers, and faders to get what you want out of them. Also, there is a section that documents a large number of scratch techniques with odd names. has information about scratching, beat juggling, and turntablism techniques, as well as equipment and record reviews. Check it out!

You can pick up equipment, break records, mix tapes, and just about anything related to turntablism at
Hundreds of record dealers catalog their collections at this site. Great place to find records, especially out-of-print stuff.
They sell break records, and have a link to a listing of battle crews from around the world. sells break records, b-boy videos, and grafitti supplies. I have had success buying break records from them in the past.

DJ and Crew Sites

Trooperz Crew
The Trooperz crew is on the come up. They are from around the DC area, and are making moves in the battle scene worldwide.
Goonies Crew
The goonies are holdin' it down in Charlottesville and DC.
DJ Ragz
DJ Ragz (Music Fiendz) has been in the battle scene for a while now, and still holds it down. Straight outta VA.
Muzik Fiendz
These guys are from all over, and represent a whold bunch of different styles. They've been putting together some hot break records for a while now.
Platter Pirates
This Chicago-based crew is winning battles all over the place, and organizing their own as well.
Turntable Technicians
This NY-based crew had more members in the 2000 US DMCs than any crew in the history of the event.
The Allies
The Allies are J-Smoke, Spictacular, Craze, Develop, A-Trak, Infamous, and Klever. Too hot.
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