Kool J Muhammed & DJ Malvo: Born To Kill

So I know this guy Mike Bree from Virginia, he's a dope battle dj and one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet. But who would have thought he would put out a cd that's so fucking politically incorrect! Basically he pretends to be the snipers who terrorized the DC area last year and creates an audio document of their thirst for blood. As far as concept albums go, this fuckin rules. It's all about killing and murdering and well, it's just plain fucked up (it even has all original broadcastr during the time of the murders). No slouch job either, these guys put in work, getting every mix right, finding all the dope violent hip hop songs, and scratching in some wrongness wherever possible. Tracks by Ice Cube, Mobb Deep, Xzibit and all you favorite killers will have your ass in line for a gun permit with a quickness. I cannot stress enough how fucked up this cd is. It's so wrong that the Lab is probably gonna be on some FBI list for selling it. I love it. Seriously though it's good to see a cd come out with good mixing and a creative theme. Thank god the last thing I wanted to hear was more mash ups or early 90's hip hop. These guys come correct with the serious gangsta shit perfect for getting amped before a drive by, or getting ready to just kill randomly, I highly recommend this cd. -Roc

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