1/25 - 2/20


Improved the training application GUI:

1. Map displays points where previous measurements have been taken (including those from previous sessions)

2. Menus are functional

3. Right clicking on the map re-centers the view

4. Graph window automatically resizes properly when the size of its contents change

Continued troubleshooting modem
Ordered Garmin iQue 3600 PDA
Downloaded and began working with APIs for PDA:

1. Garmin iQue API for accessing GPS information

2. PalmOS Java Runtime Environment (JRE) for application development

3. PalmOS 68K API for accessing PDA serial port (for communication with GSM modem)

[Accepted into the Computer Engineering PhD programs at the University of Virginia and Georgia Tech]

1/24 - 1/30


Finished training application (screenshot) with the exception of modem interfacing
Continued troubleshooting modem:

1. Baud rate of 9600 listed in manual is incorrect; correct baud rate is 115200

2. Modem no longer sends garbled messages, but instead continuously sends back status information and does not respond to AT commands

3. Attempts to contact tech support failed, both via telephone and e-mail

1/3 - 1/23


Continued developing training application
Began interfacing with modem; modem turns on but sends back garbled messages
Produced map of campus (using Google Earth and Canon PhotoStitch)
Met with Ian Melnick, who provided me with maps of the Science and Engineering Building
Accepted to NCUR

Winter Break


Received GSM modem

[Applied to graduate schools]

11/9 - 11/21


Ordered GSM modem, antenna, and power supply
Began designing and coding training application
Wrote project design report
Developed production schedule
Applied for NCUR 2006

11/4 - 11/8


[Applied for NSF Fellowship]

10-28 - 11/3


Began designing software
Prioritized development of system functions:

1. Localization

2. Contextual information

3. Route planning

10/21 - 10/27


[Studied for and took the GRE]

10/14 - 10/20


Worked on web site:

Re-designed home page

Added content (as suggested by CpE-198 guidelines)

10/7 - 10/13


Researched electronic equipment (GSM modem, PDA, GPS system)
Wrote IEF grant proposal
Realized difficulty of determining GSM tower locations; decided to purchase GSM modem and use it to determine GSM coverage on campus

9/23 - 10/6


Finalized design goals
Created (and presented) design presentation

9/15 - 9/22


Created basic web site for senior project
Began thinking about design goals and tentative schedule
Studied Accurate GSM Indoor Localization

Can achieve sub-five meter indoor accuracy with GSM

Can localize to correct floor with greater than 90% accuracy

Used a commercially-available Ericsson GM28 GSM modem (~$200)

Used a training grid granularity of 1.5 meters

Studied Hermes: Generic Designs for Mobile, Context-Aware Trails-Based Applications

Provides a generic framework for building a tour guide application

Takes into account usability issues involved with PDAs

Searched for information on personal DGPS beacon (found nothing)