Fifth ACM/SIGDA Physical Design Workshop
April 15-17, 1996, Reston Sheraton, Virginia, USA

Instructions to PDW-96 Authors:

Enclosed are the instructions you will need for preparing your final two-column paper for the Proceedings. The recommended length of the paper is six pages (but a maximum of eight pages will be allowed). Paper presentations will be 15 minutes long, plus 5 minutes for Q&A (to a total of 20 minutes each). Presentations should be on transparencies using an overhead projector (no 35mm slides please). Posters should fit on a 30" by 40" foam board which will be provided at the workshop. Either tacks or scotch tape (both provided at the workshop) may be used to laminate your sheets onto the poster boards. Regular paper authors have the option of also presenting their work on a poster, should they so desire (in addition to giving their talk). If you have any questions, please contact PDW-96 FINAL PAPER INSTRUCTIONS: GENERAL: The Proceedings of PDW-96 will be published as a hardcopy volume and distributed at the workshop. Authors should submit both camera-ready hardcopies AND a postscript file (Email the postscript version to Due to the expense of publishing, each author is required to pre-register for the conference in order to have a paper included in the Proceedings. Payment must be forwarded along with the camera-ready copies. SHIPPING INSTRUCTIONS: Submit: (1) Pre-registration form (2) Camera-ready paper hardcopies (two sets) (3) Postscript file (Email to To: 1996 ACM/SIGDA Physical Design Workshop c/o Prof. Gabriel Robins, General Chair Department of Computer Science Thornton Hall University of Virginia Charlottesville, VA 22903-2442 USA Phone: (804) 982-2200 Email: ALL materials must reach Virginia no later than Monday, April 1. PRE-REGISTRATION AND FEE: Each author is required to pre-register for the conference in order to have a paper included in the Proceedings. An author with multiple papers need pre-register only once. PDW-96 AUTHOR PRE-REGISTRATION FORM Paper Number: ___________________________________________________ Paper Title: _________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ Author's Name: _________________________________________________ Author's Affiliation: __________________________________________ Author's Mailing Address: _______________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ TEL: ____________________________________________________________ FAX: ____________________________________________________________ EMAIL: __________________________________________________________ WWW: ____________________________________________________________ Advance (Through April 1) Late (After April 1) and On-Site ACM Members $355 $440 Non-members $455 $540 Students $250 $250 ACM Membership Number: ___________________________________________ Dietary restrictions, if any: ____________________________________ The registration fee includes the workshop proceedings and ALL meals (i.e., 3 breakfasts, 3 lunches, 2 dinners, refreshments during breaks, and a reception on Sunday evening). The total number of attendees is limited (registrations will be returned if the workshop is oversubscribed). Note: hotel reservations must be made directly with the Reston Sheraton. The only acceptable forms of payment are checks (personal, company, and certified/bank checks) in US funds drawn on a US bank and made payable to "1996 Physical Design Workshop" (credit cards will not be accepted). Payment must accompany your registration. No FAX or Email registrations will be processed. Please mail your payment (checks only) along with this registration form to the address above. PAPER FORMAT: Each paper must adhere to the specifications given below. A postscript example, a LATEX style file and an example LATEX source file are available from the PDW-96 WWW home page at: A. Total Paper Length: 6 pages (recommended) to 8 pages (maximum) B. Total Paper Width x Height: 216 mm x 280 mm (8.5 inch x 11 inch) or A4 C. Page Numbering: none but label pages on the back using light blue pencil D. Top Margin: 25 mm (1 inch) E. Left Margin: 19 mm (.75 inch) F. Image Width x Height: 175 mm x 226 mm (6.9 inch x 8.9 inch) G. Single Spaced, Two Column H. Column Width: 83 mm (3.3 inch) I. Column Separation: 8 mm (0.3 inch) J. Type Size: No type less than 9 point anywhere in the document K. Title: Boldface, uppercase letters centered across the entire page L. Author names: centered across the entire page M. Author mailing and email addresses: centered across the entire page N. Abstract: 100-150 words in left column only, 12 mm (.5 inch) below the title O. First section spacing: 12 mm (.5 inch) below abstract P. Section headings: centered across one column and in boldface uppercase Q. Subheadings: begin at the left margin and are numbered (e.g. 2.1) R. Sub-Subheadings: indented like a paragraph and are numbered (e.g. 2.1.1) S. Figures: centered across the entire page or one column, at end or embedded T. References: numbered sequentially as cited in the text (e.g. [1]) U. Example citation: [1] Author, First, Author, Second and Last Author, "The Paper Title," 1996 ACM/SIGDA Physical Design Workshop, vol. 1, pp. 123-138, 1996.

Instructions to PDW-96 Panelists:

Thank you again for your participation in the invited panel sessions of the Physical Design Workshop: these sessions are the highlights of the workshop, and all attendees are looking forward to an energetic give-and-take. Following are a few points to remember. 1. Every invited panelist / invited speaker is invited to prepare a position statement / position paper for inclusion in the workshop proceedings. The position statement/paper is, simply, a forum for your vision. Whether you give a response to the guiding questions posed by the moderator, or a summary of your research group's directions and goals, or a summary of your views as to key future directions in the field, or something else -- is entirely up to you. It is the committee's hope that the position paper will be a more lasting record that can complement the standard "10 minutes, 5 slides" panel session talk. * Note 1: Moderators will be distributing logistics of the panel session and guiding questions very soon. * Note 2: The length of your position statement can be anywhere from 1 to 8 pages. It should follow standard IEEE double-column format; a Latex template is contained in the workshop home page, URL If there are any questions regarding preparation of camera-ready copy, please contact or . Remember that all camera copy (postscript or hardcopy) must arrive in Charlottesville, Virginia by APRIL 1ST, 1996. 2. Please reserve your room early, in order to take advantage of the workshop rate. Directions are in the workshop home page. Likewise, the deadline for workshop advance registration (APRIL 1ST) is approaching rapidly.

Additional Notes:

1. If there are any questions regarding preparation of camera-ready copy, please contact: Camera copy (postscript or hardcopy) must arrive in Charlottesville, Virginia by April 1. Guidelines for preparation of camera-ready copy are in the PDW-96 home page: 2. Remember that ALL authors of oral presentations are invited to prepare a POSTER. This is a VERY good format for technical interaction. Guidelines for poster preparation are in the home page. 3. Please reserve your room early, in order to take advantage of the workshop rate. Directions are in the workshop home page. 4. The advance registration deadline of April 1 is approaching rapidly! Again, all directions are in the workshop home page. Remember that for a paper to be included in the proceedings, at least one author must register for the workshop (and present the paper). Thank you again for your participation in the workshop's success; we are looking forward to meeting in Reston Virginia this coming April 15th.

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