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Charlottesville, VA 22904-4740 USA
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Office: 212 Olsson Hall (building map)
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Educational Technology

Richard Anderson, Ruth Anderson, Crystal Hoyer, Craig Prince, Jonathan Su, Fred Videon and Steve Wolfman.  "Understanding Diagrammatic Ink in Lecture" AAAI Fall Symposium 2004 Workshop on Making Pen-Based Interaction Intelligent and Natural, Washington, DC.  October 2004.

Beth Simon, Ruth Anderson, Crystal Hoyer, Jonathan Su.  "Preliminary Experiences with a Tablet PC Based System to Support Active Learning in Computer Science Courses."  ITiCSE 2004, Leeds, UK.  June 2004.

Richard J. Anderson, Ruth Anderson, Crystal Hoyer, Steven A. Wolfman. "A Study of Digital Ink in Lecture Presentation." CHI 2004: The 2004 Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems. Vienna, Austria. April 2004.

Richard Anderson, Ruth Anderson, Beth Simon, Steven A. Wolfman, Tammy VanDeGrift, and Ken Yasuhara. "Experiences with a Tablet PC Based Lecture Presentation System in Computer Science Courses."  SIGCSE 2004. Norfolk, VA. March 2004. Slides from Talk: [PPT] [PDF]

Richard J. Anderson, Ruth Anderson, Tammy VanDeGrift, Steven A. Wolfman, and Ken Yasuhara. "Classroom Presentation from the Tablet PC ". ITiCSE 2003: Proceedings of the 8th Annual Conference on Innovation and Technology in Computer Science Education. Thessaloniki, Greece. June-July 2003. [poster (PPT)]

Richard J. Anderson, Ruth Anderson, Tammy VanDeGrift, Steven A. Wolfman, and Ken Yasuhara. "Promoting Interaction in Large Classes with Computer-Mediated Feedback ". CSCL 2003: Computer Support for Collaborative Learning. Bergen, Norway. June 2003.

Richard Anderson, Ruth Anderson, Crystal Hoyer, Beth Simon, Fred Videon, and Steve Wolfman. "Lecture Presentation from the Tablet PC". Workshop on Advanced Collaborative Environments (WACE). Seattle, USA. June 2003.

Richard J. Anderson, Ruth Anderson, Tammy VanDeGrift, Steven A. Wolfman, and Ken Yasuhara. "Interaction Patterns with a Classroom Feedback System: Making Time For Feedback". Interactive Poster, CHI 2003: Conference on Human Factors in Computing. Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, USA. April 2003.  [poster (PPT)]  [poster (PDF)]

Computer Science Education

Laurie Murphy, Renee McCauley, Suzanne Westbrook, Timothy Fossum, Susan Haller, Briana Morrison, Brad Richards, Kate Sanders, Carol Zander, Ruth E. Anderson, "A multi-institutional investigation of computer science seniors' knowledge of programming concepts" SIGCSE 2005, St. Louis, MO.  February 2005.

Thomas B. Horton, Ruth E. Anderson, and Christopher W. Milner. "Work in Progress:  Re-examining Closed Laboratories in Computer Science Courses." Proceedings of 34th ASEE/IEEE Frontiers in Education Conference, Savannah, Georgia, U.S.A., October 2004.

Marian Petre, Sally Fincher, and Josh Tenenberg et al.  "My Criterion is: Is it a Boolean?": A card-sort elicitation of students' knowledge of programming constructs Technical Report 6-03, Computing Laboratory, University of Kent, Canterbury, Kent, UK, June 2003.

Compiler Techniques for Improving Locality

Ruth E. Anderson, Thu D. Nguyen, and John Zahorjan, "Cascaded Execution: Speeding Up Unparallelized Execution on Shared-Memory Multiprocessors". Proc. International Parallel Processing Symposium, pp. 714-719, April 1999.  (A longer version of this paper is available as Technical Report UW-CSE-98-08-02.)

Parallel Programming Languages

Calvin Lin, Lawrence Snyder, Ruth Anderson, Bradford L. Chamberlain, Sung-Eun Choi, E Christopher Lewis, and W. Derrick Weathersby, "ZPL vs. HPF: A Comparison of Performance and Programming Style," Technical Report UW-CSE-95-11-05, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, University of Washington, Seattle, Washington, November 1995.

Education and Educational Technology Group at the University of Washington, Seattle

UW Presenter Download Site - free software for lecture presentation from a Tablet PC.

Bootstrapping Research in Computer Science Education

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