Hello Theory (CS3102) Students,

The first homework is posted and linked from the class Web site.

It is due in class at 2:00pm on Thur Sept 28. Please submit it in *hardcopy* & stapled (not using Email). It will be graded and returned to you the following week.

The main goal is this (relatively short) assignment is to calibrate your expectations of what concepts and materials you should be mastering at this point in the course. This exercise will also inform you of what materials you should be studying more of, etc. This assignment isn't meat to take a lot of time, especially since the questions there come directly from the problem sets, so most of you have already been working of these problems for the last several weeks.

If you need help with any of these problems, please see any of the TAs. The TAs contact information and TA office hours are posted on the class Web site. This calendar also contains the weekly problem-solving sessions times.

Even though you are allowed to work in groups on the posted problem sets, when you answer the homework questions, please do so on your own without copying other people's work (remember that simply copying other people's work is against the UVa Honor Code). You must have a clear understanding of your own of all your answers and solutions (and not just rely on other people's solutions and/or insights).

Aside from being highly available on every single day of the week (including weekends), the TAs are also available at other times by appointment. Please Email any TA directly to make a special appointment if you can't come to any of the posted TA office hours, or need urgent help outside of those posted hours.

Take care,


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