Sanxing Chen




I'm a first-year master student in computer science at the University of Virginia, where I work with Prof. Yangfeng Ji.

My long-term research interests lie primarily in helping computers to learn natural languages like us human. Currently, I focus on developing intuitive learning algorithms for grounded language learning and code generation (which constitute semantic parsing).

Previously, I had experiences in a few natural language processing applications. For instance, I have been working on domain adaptation for machine translation as my undergraduate dissertation with Prof. Xiaohui Ji. And I luckily interned twice at the Microsoft Research Asia in the BotSys team (formerly belongs to BDM group, now part of the KC group) where I was working on generic types entitiy recognition under the supervision of Dr. Börje Karlsson and Guoxin Wang.

News 🎉

  • [Mar 28, 2019] Got accepted to MSCS@UMass!
  • [Feb 27, 2019] I'm going to rejoin MSRA BDM group in April, happy to see my old friends there!
  • [Feb 21, 2019] Got accepted to MSCS@UVa!
  • [Dec 16, 2018] All MS/Ph.D. applications sent out!


  • My name is pronounced as "sǣnɕə̄ŋ", like "sun sing".
  • I come from Quanzhou.
  • I started playing the violin when I was a little boy.



  • staychan [dot] cn [at] gmail [dot] com
  • sc3hn [at] virginia [dot] edu

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