What made you want to become a comp. sci. professor?
What did you like best about college? / Did you enjoy Wake Forest?
Do you like Wake or Virginia better? I transferred from Wake.
I can't think of any now.
What was your doctorate thesis?
As a fellow Wii gamer (and since we'll all have wiimotes), we should probably take a class or two to have a WiiSports or Super Smash Bros. tournament... (just kidding)
Did you always intend to teach computer science?
Do you prefer Call of Duty 4 or Halo 3?
Do you think the glass is half empty or half full?
Since you are not planning on giving out stickers, can you give out candy instead?
Have any kids?
What is your favorite video game that you have ever played?
Where are you from?
Would you be able to connect me to an IT friend that is working for a company?
What do you think is the one most interesting aspect of computer science?
What's your favorite computer program? And why?
Have you ever heard of the man named Sean Kennedy? He has an internet show basically. Talks somewhat about computers among other things. Ive watched many of his shows and you both have the same way of saying things...its not a bad thing he has lots of great ideas. If your interested in looking at some of his stuff http://patrolling.rantmedia.ca/ there is the link. i think you will see what i mean.
What exaclty would we use a wii mote for?
Why should I take this course? Convince me here!
Why do you use PHP and that other language to introduce people to programming in this course? (I wasn't sure if you were saying "Hascal" or Pascal for the second language.)
I remember you saying that you play "Call of Duty." Do you always play video games?
Do you prefer UVA or NC State??
What kind of programming have you done in the past? / What types of computer programs have you written for entertainment and research?
Why does my computer (runs Vista) run at the same speed as my old laptop (runs XP) even though my new desktop has an Intel Dual Core? (I realize this question is not really about you.)
What did you think of the book for this class? Interesting?
Do students have a name for you other than Mr. Sherriff (unless you prefer to go by Mark)?
Have you always worked in academia?
Why did you decide to teach at UVA?
Will this class be difficult for someone that is not very familiar with comuter programing?
Will it be hard to get an A or B+ in this course?
Do you feel as comfortable with the arts as you do with computer science? In other words, would you say that you've been adequately trained, and are now well-versed, in the areas of the humanities which you're planning on tying in with CS?
What class of Wake Forest did you come from?
My high school History teacher is a WF alumnus and he is still gung-ho with WF school spirit. Is this common among WF alumni?
Can we have a pizza party some day? (I'm kidding a little bit.)
I hurd you like mudkips?!
Do you take cream or sugar in your Java?
Sorry about that.
What music do you like?
And what is Cheerwine? I saw you drinking it and I was wondering if that was legal during class.     
Do you have a specialty within the category of "computer science" and what is it?     
Does your last name imply you came from a line of sheriffs? Just kidding!     
Would you rather do a backflip or a front flip in a car? You're going to land it and you will not get hurt (neither will the car).     
Since Ive never taken a computer science class before and I am really not that great with technology, how approachable are you? And if I become annoying will you tell me?