When is the final? Time/Date     
As pertaining to the following question, if we already own a wii could we bring that in instead of buying one, and if so, would there be the possibility of it getting broken aside from accidents?     
Are you able to estimate how much time a student should allow in their schedules to complete projects? (Obviously this varies a lot depending on the students previous background...)
Will there be a more definite schedule of assignments posted online later, or will we be notified of everything in class?     
Hypothetically, if we receive over 100 for the hw/quiz grade, will that part of our grade just be 100, or over?     
Do you think this class is easy compared to the engineering cs 101?     
Will lecture be mostly taking notes?     
Will this course prepare us to take further cs classes or is it more of a terminal cs course for College students?     
Will we be reading all of "Godel, Escher, and Bach" in this course, or selected pieces? I have started reading the book, and it is very interesting so far.
How difficult is the course known to be?     
Are you going to talk about the interaction of art and computer science (particularly art of MC Escher) in this course?
Do we need to bring textbooks to class everyday?     
What will be the functions of the programs we create?     
What will the format of the tests be? You mentioned that we would be assessed on programming, but what about the other content of the course?     
I'm curios how in depth the course will be when compared to the other intro CS classes offered in the E school such as CS101, 101X, and 101E. I do plan on continuing my study, and don't want to be behind other students in the next few classes that had a much stronger introduction.
On a scale of 1 to 10, how fun is it?