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Every year, twenty projects that are currently being sponsored by NSF are asked to present their work in an interactive, personal format during the break sessions and open slots at SIGCSE. The SIGCSE Symposium provides a forum for educators from K-12 through college to discuss issues and new ideas related to the development and implementation of computing curricula, along with other elements of teaching and pedagogy. The goal of the showcase is to share information about programs and research opportunities that attendees might not otherwise hear about. Presenters in the showcase report that they enjoy presenting their work in this format and that the attendees that come through the showcase are interested in learning and interacting with the presenters.

Sign up to meet with NSF Program Officers

Posted by Mark Sherriff on Feb 28, 2012
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The schedule is as follows:
Day Time slot Program Officers
Thursday 10:00-11:00 Victor Piotrowski and Guy-Alain Amoussou
Thursday 3:00-4:00 Harriet Taylor, Guy-Alain Amoussou, and Kathleen Bergin
Friday 10:00-11:00 Victor Piotrowski, Jeff Forbes, and Suzanne Westbrook
Friday 3:00-3:45 Sue Fitzgerald and Kathleen Bergin
Saturday 10:10-10:55 Sue Fitzgerald, Jeff Forbes, and Suzanne Westbrook

Presentations for 2012

Posted by Mark Sherriff on Jan 2, 2012
NSF Showcase Program 2012
The presentation schedule for the 2012 Showcase is as follows:
Time slot Presenters & Titles
  • Tools and Best Practices for Improving the Quality of Students' Commenting Skills, DUE-TUES: Peter DePasquale, Michael Locasto, and Lisa Kaczmarczyk
  • Student Participation in Humanitarian FOSS, DUE-TUES: Heidi Ellis and Gregory Hislop
  • Computing in the Arts: A Model Curriculum, DUE-TUES: Bill Manaris and Renee McCauley
  • Integrating ethics into computer science courses: looking for statistically significant effects, DUE-TUES: Keith W. Miller, Michael Loui, Mary Tracy, and Ken Urban
  • Engaging African Americans in Computing through the Collaborative Creation of Musical Remixes, CNS-CE21: Brian Magerko and Jason Freeman
  • Building a K-12 Computing Pipeline in Alabama to Address Participation Diversity, CNS-BPC, DRL-DRK12, & DRL-ITEST: Jeff Gray, Mike Wyss, Shelia Cotten, and Shaundra Daily
  • Computational Thinking in IT - A Scenario-based Approach, CNS-CPATH: Deborah Boisvert, Paula Velluto, Irene Bruno, and Charles Winer
  • Process-Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning in Computer Science, DUE-TUES: Clifton Kussmaul, R. Libby, and Carl Salter
  • Databases for Many Majors: A Student-Centered Approach, DUE-TUES: Suzanne W. Dietrich and Don Goelman
  • Establishing the Exploring Computer Science Course in Silicon Valley High Schools, CNS-BPC & CNS-CE21: Dan Lewis, Ruth Davis, Pedro Hernandez-Ramos, and Craig Blackburn
  • Integrating Security in the Computing Curriculum: Security Injections @ Towson, DUE-TUES: Siddharth Kaza and Blair Taylor
  • How to Run a Successful REU Site Program, CCF-REU: Susan D. Urban, Michael Shin, and Mohan Sridharan
  • FRABJOUS CS - Framing a Rigorous Approach to Beauty and Joy for Outreach to Underrepresented Students in Computing at Scale, CNS-CE21: Dan Garcia, Tiffany Barnes, and Brian Harvey
  • Exploring Computer Science - An Equitable Learning Model for Democratizing K-12 Computer Science Education, CNS-BPC & DUE-MSP: Joanna Goode and Gail Chapman
  • How to Broadening Participation and Scaling Up Computational Thinking by Bringing Game Design into Middle Schools, CNS-CE21 & DRL-ITEST: Alexander Repenning, Kris Gutierrez, Jeffrey Kidder, and David Webb
  • Cybersecurity Laboratory: Enhancing the Hands-on Experience in Cybersecurity Education, DUE-SFS: Susanne Wetzel
  • Personal Robots for CS1: Next Steps for an Engaging Pedagogical Framework, DUE-TUES: Douglas Blank and Deepak Kumar
  • An Interactive Undergraduate Data Mining Course with Industrial-Strength Projects and Hypertextbook, DUE-TUES: Ping Chen and Irene Chen
  • Cyberlearning Environments with Emphasis on Social Approach and Collaboration, DUE-TUES: Jafar Saniie, Erdal Oruklu, and Tricha Anjali
  • REU Site for Smart UAVs, CNS-REU: Saad Biaz and Wei-Shinn Ku

Contact Info

NSF Showcase Organizers
Prof. Aaron Bloomfield
- Univ. of Virginia

Prof. Mark Sherriff
- Univ. of Virginia

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