The goal of the project is to improve the state-of-the-art in computer architecture by developing new mechanisms to solve an important problem in this area. In the process you will learn how to critically analyze related work, conduct research, evaluate new ideas, and present and write well. A handout with project proposal ideas will be distributed in the class. You can propose your own project, but the project needs to be approved by the instructor. Please make appointments with the instructor to discuss the project idea.

Project Proposal Due: Sep 15, 2016
Project Proposal Presentations: Sep 20-22, 2016
Project Milestone Presentations: Oct 25-27, 2016
Project Milestone Meetings: Nov 15-17, 2016 (By appointment)
Final Presentations: Dec 1-6, 2016
Final Report Due: Dec 10, 2016

Project Proposal

The proposal should clearly describe the problem, novelty over related work, key idea, methodology, and evaluation plan.
Problem: Clearly define what is the problem you are trying to solve.
Novelty: Did any other work try to solve the problem? How did they solve it? What are the shortsomings?
Key Idea: What is the initial idea? Why do you think it will work? How is your approach different from the prior work?
Methology: How will you test and evaluate your idea? What tools or simulators will you use? What are the experiments you need to do to prove/disprove your idea?
Plan: Describe the steps to finish your project. What will you accomplice at each milestone? What are the things you must need to finish? Can you do more? If you finish it can you submit it to a conference? Which conference do you think is a better fit for the work?