Information Technology for Mobile and Web-based Systems

As society becomes more integrated with computer technology, information management for human activities necessitates computing that responds to requests in real-time rather than just with best-effort. Many information systems are now used to monitor and control appliances as well as large complex systems which must have predictable and timely behaviors. It is expected that tens of millions of users will be carrying a mobile computer that uses a wireless interface to access a world-wide information network for business or personal use over the Internet. To support those users in applications such as web-based information systems, e-commerce, and agile manufacturing, providing consistent data and transaction services in real-time with acceptable quality and security will be one of the key requirements. This project aims to design and evaluate models and methodologies for the development of robust and responsive information systems for those new applications. The current research issues include timeliness and predictability, adaptive QoS management, flexible security paradigms, overload management, data consistency in mobile environments, and applying real-time database technology in web-based information services.

Primary Researcher: Sang H. Son


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