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  • E-mail: tw8cb [at] cs [dot] virginia [dot] edu.
  • Address: 430 Rice Hall, Charlottesville, VA.
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Hi! I am a PhD student at the Department of Computer Science, University of Virginia, from 16Fall. Currently, I am working with Prof.Vicente Ordóñez Román on vision and language. In fall 2015, I did an internship at Blender Lab, mainly under the supervision of Prof. Heng Ji. I obtained my bachelor degree in computer science from Zhejiang University, China.


Feedback-prop: Convolutional Neural Network Inference under Partial Evidence
Tianlu Wang, Kota Yamaguchi, Vicente Ordonez
Intl. Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition. CVPR 2018. Salt Lake City, Utah. June 2018.
[pdf] [arXiv]

Men Also Like Shopping: Reducing Gender Bias Amplification using Corpus-level Constraints
Jieyu Zhao, Tianlu Wang, Mark Yatskar, Vicente Ordonez, Kai-Wei Chang.
Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing. EMNLP 2017. Copenhagen, Denmark. September 2017.
[pdf] [code] [bibtex](~Oral presentation + Best Long Paper Award!)

Name Tagging for Low-resource Incident Languages based on Expectation-driven Learning
Boliang Zhang, Xiaoman Pan, Tianlu Wang, Ashish Vaswani, Heng Ji, Kevin Knight and Daniel Marcu
Proc. the 2016 Conference of the North American Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics – Human Language Technologies (NAACL-HLT 2016)