CS 1010: Introduction to Information Technology

Fall 2018 - CS 1010 Policies


CS 1010 is intended to be a positive learning experience. Emails and/or meetings to discuss what is working well or what needs improvement are welcomed.


Students and staff are all expected to treat each other with respect.


Please check email or visit Collab to view class announcements.

Honor Policy:

The University of Virginia Honor Policy is in effect in this class. As a university student in the course you agree to the following principles. • Talking about assignments and projects is permitted, but you must author your own documents, meaning the document you submit for credit is the product of your own understanding, knowledge and skills. • When possible to do so with honor, you will help your fellow classmates learn and improve. • You should get help from classmates and course staff before succumbing to frustration. • You must understand and be able to explain why you answered a question or created a solution the way you did. Given the same question or problem, you should be able to reconstruct your original answer or solution from memory, without outside assistance • When there is doubt regarding the honor of an action, you should ask before you act. • DO NOT COPY! • Unless otherwise noted, individual assignments are pledged that you neither gave nor received unauthorized help. • An academic irregularity on any assignment may result in assignment grade reduction or zero and/or grade penalty, or failure of the course and accusation(s) submitted to the honor committee.

Assignment Submission and Regrade Requests

: All assignment submissions must complete submission by the due time 11:55:00 PM Sunday. At this time, Collab no longer accepts the submission, and the score for that submission automatically becomes zero. Students have one week from the time of assignment grade posting, normally Wednesday morning following the Sunday due date, to request an assignment regrade. An assignment regrade request must be emailed to the professor (cd9au) specifically stating how the assignment was incorrectly graded. The regraded assignment score might be higher than, lower than, or the same as, the original assignment score.

Class Attendance:

Please make your best effort to attend lecture. Please do not routinely arrive to lecture late or leave early, it is distracting.

Final Grade Rounding

Final grades are not automatically rounded up. A 92.9 is an A-, not an A.