CS 1010: Introduction to Information Technology

Fall 2018 - CS 1010 Schedule

0108/29What is IT, computer, numbers
0209/03Computer storage, ASCII, AIA01 released, due 09/09
0309/05Computer system architecture
0409/10Computer system architectureA02 released, due 09/16
0509/12Images, videos, sounds
0609/17Internet, browsers, HTMLA03 released, due 09/23
0709/19Internet privacy, web tech transition
0809/24Basic, semantic, page format HTML tags
0909/26Balance, text and list HTML tags
1010/01Input and tables make formsA04 released, due 10/07
1110/03Basic CSS
1210/10JavaScriptA05 released 10/08, due 10/14
1310/15Midterm exam reviewA06 released, due 10/21
1410/17Midterm exam regular classroom, regular class time
1510/22Introduction to algorithms
1610/24Developing algorithms
1710/29Selection controlA07 released, due 11/04
1810/31Repetition control
1911/05Practice solutions, Why computer science?A08 released, due 11/11
2011/07Compiling, comments, output, variables
2111/12Operations, string methods, inputA09 released, due 11/18
2311/19LoopsA10 released, due 11/25
2411/26Promotion, demotion, type castsA11 released, due 12/02
2511/28Excel environment, selection, format data, formulas
2612/03Excel charts, lists, tables, whatifA12 released, due 12/09
2712/05Final exam review
FE12/15Final Exam: Saturday, 15-December-2018, 2PM - 3:30 PM, Thornton E316